Festivus approaches

The Festivus season is nigh. Chrismahanukwanzakah gift shopping has commenced, and I’m sure the stores are full of cool things for purchase.

In addition to the holidays, the weather is getting a bit nippier as well. Official winter is a week away, but it can get pretty darn cold here in the mountains even before winter officially walks in the door.

This year, after years and years and years of wanting, I finally pulled the trigger and got the Filson coat I’ve been wanting. It is literally the most expensive piece of clothing I own that does not stop bullets. Does it live up to my expectations? Yes and no. It’s warm, and it’s comfy, but it is classically styled…and that means that that some more modern amenities such as higher collars, some velcro, and a few other things would be nice. As warm as the thing is, you still need to wear a scarf or something since neck coverage isn’t that great. Pockets could be a little deeper, too. But otherwise….nice coat. Every person I meet who has one of these tells me the same story..it belonged to their dad, or to their grandfather..or they bought it 30 years ago…but the story always is the same: it’s a product that literally lasts a lifetime. So..in theory…the outrageous expense will be amortized over whats left of my life. (I thought about the Wool Packer Coat but, to me, that fleece lining makesĀ  it looks like the butt end of an elk.)

No real snow so far this month, and although we usually have a white Christmas in these parts I’ll be surprised if we get one this year. Just not feelin’ it.

4 thoughts on “Festivus approaches

  1. My dad bought me a double mackinaw for Christmas when I was just out of high school. I promptly returned it. Great coat, but there’s nothing cool about it from the perspective of a self-conscious teenager.

    I wish I had kept it in a box for about 15 years until I wised up. But at the time, a super Nintendo game seemed so much more desirable.

  2. Been looking to get more wool clothing myself. Met a guy 2 weeks ago who had a hand me down Filson cruiser. Really nice, but cost prohibitive in my world.

    Found another guy in MI who does wool hoodies, coats, anoraks, longhunter shirts, etc for less than $100. My lady got me one for Xmas so we’ll see how it holds up. Weather here in the NE hasn’t really warranted heavy clothing yet though. Green Xmas here as well.

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