Walking Dead – How long has it been?

Some comments a few posts back made me wonder just how long a period of time has passed in The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is in season six. Does that mean six years have passed for the survivors? Of course not. But…how much time has passed?

Assuming that Ricks wife wasn’t carrying on with Shane before Rick went into the coma (although I think he was), you’d have her getting pregnant somewhere within a few weeks of Rick waking up. Since Rick was in a coma for about a month, that puts her getting knocked up somewhere around 2-3 months into things. Assuming a normal gestation period of nine months, youre into one year. The kid is about a year old at this point, but appears to be less than two. So..to my way of thinking, our intrepid band of survivors is living in the ruins somewhere definitely more than two years on , but less than three.

However…if it is indeed less than three years, then Coral has aged rather rapidly for a little kid.

Two-plus years into a collapse and gasoline still seems to be fresh enough to work most modern vehicles, no sign of melted-down nuclear plants, no sign of any remnants of the government, and no presence of foreign nations. Seems a little neat.

ETA: This just doesn’t get old….


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  1. All good points, but the gas never goes bad in our fictional post-apoc worlds. That would be worse than zombies.

  2. Weren’t the “Walkers” world wide?
    #2. Coral, who is she? Judith is the daughter of Rick (?). Looks about 18 -36 months.
    Do you mean bad ass Carol? Talk about a chameleon she can blend in anywhere. She had 2 kids at the start and they turned.

    Fuel- could be that they are filtering it. Doubt that is 6 years since the walkers began. The characters look to fed too well and clothed. Guessing that it is anywhere between 1 months to 3 years considering fuel and food situation.

    Also, the absence of any major illnesses brought on by poor water, sanitation, nutrition, etc.

    Remember that we see a 4-6 month slice of time because we have the Fall, Winter, and Spring episodes.
    Any other ideas?

    • Coral is the cotton-mouthed way Andrew Lincoln, a non-native American speaker, pronounces ‘Carl’.

      I’m not sure how filtering fuel would do anything to alleviate the deterioration of fuel.

      Illness was briefly touched upon in the big Herschel character-development episode where the prison succumbed to a virulent strain of flu, but by and large, yeah, there should be a lot of infections and skin issues considering how these people sweat all day and never seem to shower.

  3. WD is of course a zombie show and hence gets a bit of wiggle room in the reality department, but we do indeed expect a certain down to earth treatment of logistics and tactics and such. I think overall they do pretty good all things considered. What attracted me there in the first place is the human/group dynamics and characters and is what still keeps the show strong. I can’t abide most other media in this genre, but absolutely still worship at the WD alter. They can be forgiven small transgressions.

    • Tough kid. It must be like Highalnder where the only way to really kill him is cut off his head.

  4. The fuel thing is hard to believe. Up here in the high country of CO, fuel lasts much longer than the deep South. My real issue is how Michon can still have that beautiful white smile 🙂 Love women and swords.

    • Its an issue of contrast…her skin is so dark that, yeah, her teeth are gonna *sparkle*.

  5. They mentioned on The Talking Dead after the episode that it had been about a year and a half.

  6. Even if it’s just a year and a half, I’ve seen fields not planted the next year still have something growing in them from previous harvest – wheat, soybeans, corn, pumpkins and such. And did I see that one episode right that Maggie was showing the Head of Alexandria how to plant a garden??? The armory not being locked or guarded? seriously, I swear they’re doing what they are doing just to shock people instead of even trying to tell a story or plot anymore.

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