Article – ‘Captain Crunch:’ The DoD Gun Muncher That Has Destroyed 1M Firearms

Your tax dollars at work…destroying your tax dollars.

It’s the place where military weapons go to die.

Once a weapon is marked for destruction, it is sent to Anniston Army Depot, where it will more than likely spend its final moments being chomped apart by the military’s Grim Reaper for guns: “Captain Crunch.”

The massive metal shredder has been in operation since the early 1990s and has used a pair of intertwined blades to chop up more than a million weapons during that time.

You’d think they could at least pull off the ‘non threatening’ stuff like sights, handguards, sears, triggers, stocks, etc, and resell them to bidders for the private market.

You know where there are so many Mosin Nagants floating around? Because the Soviets, after getting caught waaaaaay undergunned during WW2, never destroyed anything. Captured Mausers, Arisakas, etc, etc, all got tucked away in Peoples Glorious Warehouse No. 388 and sat there awaiting the next war. And here we are destroying this stuff. You’d think they could at least resell it and recoup some money. Or just bundle it onto pallets and airdrop it to whoever our current ‘indigenous forces’ allies are.

But..more than likely, Hillary or some other madman will think these things are awesome and every state should have a couple for disposing of those nasty ‘ol guns that those ‘bitter clingers’ love so much.

10 thoughts on “Article – ‘Captain Crunch:’ The DoD Gun Muncher That Has Destroyed 1M Firearms

  1. My Dad told me when WWII ended, the local Air Force base in Arkansas destroyed and buried all the tools and other gear they didn’t take with ’em in order to “not disrupt the local economy”. The locals maintained there WAS no local economy and had a desperate need for those tools. AF was unmoved.

  2. It would be poetic, in the biblical sense, if they sent the scraps off to make farm machinery. But more likely, they give the scrap metal away to a subsidiary company of the same company they buy the new guns from… Thus, “stimulating the economy” twice over.

  3. That depot is an hour from me. Pretty decent roads between me and there as well, not that I’ve scouted them for a future raid at the end of the world or anything. Seeing as they also repair all manor of large moving steel vehicles… might stop off to get a trade in…

    *sigh* if only.

  4. Totally off topic – what happened to Harry’s blog, Self Sufficient Mountain Living? I know he was going to shut down but he never said why. I enjoyed reading his blog a lot.
    Unbreakable AZ

      • I tried but he is not responding. I know plans were shaken up with the retirement of his wife, but didn’t expect him to go completely dark…

  5. The Costco Ammo Cans labeled “Heritage” or “Ammo Box” are all made in China. Small white adhesive tag is on the bottom of the cans. They’re not USGI of course but they are lighter in weight than the USGI. They’re water-tight by my submersion test on 6 cans.

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