Link – Bulk AR lower parts kits

Well, first of all, let’s throw in a link to a proposed Mountain House group buy if I can get enough warm bodies on board.

The folks at Jerking The Trigger have a link to a vendor selling a bulk package of AR lower parts kits…enough to build up 50 lowers.

That comes out to about $43.99/kit…which isnt bad since Stag, my go-to guys, sell them for $54 a set.

Still….$2200 is a lot of money to plop down at once. On the other hand, if you’re sitting on a stash of lowers, it might be just the opportunity to save some money in their assembly.

6 thoughts on “Link – Bulk AR lower parts kits

  1. Ouch yeah – 2200 is too rich for me
    Was hoping for a 5 or 10 pack 🙂

    You know enough people to do a group buy on this, too?

    • By the time you factor in shipping to me, then repacking and shipping to you, you’ve eaten up whatever savings there was. (Unless your ordering them five at a time or something.)

  2. Great way to go for the 80% home built crowd. There will come a time, again, when LPKs are as easy to come by as .22lr. Ammo theory of “buy it cheap and stack it deep” comes to mind but yea, $2200 in one shot is too much for me too.

  3. Unfortunately, they’re out of stock at the moment, but I just picked up a few Anderson Lower Parts Kits from AIM Surplus for $42.95 a piece last month:
    They also have the stripped Anderson lowers for $39.95 each. Once again, they’re currently out of stock, but they get them in quite frequently. Set up an email alert for your desired item and they’ll notify you as soon as it’s back in stock. When you get the email, don’t drag your feet, as I’ve noticed the Anderson lowers go pretty quick.

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