Group buy, election, CostCo Scepter cans

The end of the month approacheth. If you want in on the MH group buy, let me know. If you already have the info, start making a list of what you want and get it to me at your convenience so I can figure if we have enough participants to make this happen.
Hmm…with Sanders effectively out of the running, it looks like it’ll be Trump vs. Tramp or Cruz vs. Cooze. I’m confident that Trump won’t get the nomination, and that it’ll go to Cruz instead. (These aren’t necessarily endorsements….I’m just saying this is what I think will happen.) In a Cruz/Clinton race..well…get those magazines and AR lowers now. Like, today.


CostCO had Scepter manufactured gas cans the other day. Sadly, these cans use the outrageous CARB-compliant nozzles so they are fairly useless. However, there are plenty of places to buy replacement nozzles that actually work. I don’t like plastic gas cans, but these are at least a little better, IMHO, than the old Blitz plastic cans. (The Blitz seemed a little thin in the plastic department.)

20160308_145950This is about ten bucks cheaper than what Amazon has them for, so…not a bad deal. Assuming youre okay with plastic gas cans. I prefer metal NATo/’Euro’ cans, but for feeding the lawnmower and snowblower these would be okay.

5 thoughts on “Group buy, election, CostCo Scepter cans

  1. It’d certainly be interesting if an indicted-Hillary got elected, then later convicted. Could she hold public office as a convicted felon? And later appoint new justices to SCOTUS? What a f-cking goat-rope of a world we live in…..

  2. ” In a Cruz/Clinton race..well…get those magazines and AR lowers now. Like, today.”

    In unrelated news, C-Products announced today it was hiring a third shift for manufacturing at all it’s facilities… back to you in the studio Bob.

    You know if I played the markets, now would be a good time to get into any for of firearm/firearm parts stock, then dump it Nov 1st.

  3. Cmmdr 0: how is it that your Costco carries good stuff mine doesn’t? Yet another example of you putting thought into where you wanna live versus me living where I do ’cause, well, I dunno.

    • I can’t really answer that since I have no idea where you live. But, I would *guess* if CostCo carries a product but its not in your local store, its probably going to be on CostCo’s website at the same price.

    • It may not be obvious, but each Costco store has a custom list of stocking items and specials. By region, state, nation, I’m guessing. Got a lot of them in the SF Bay Area, and it’s real obvious it differs. Talked to a manager about it, and if a product doesn’t fit the local tastes, they stop carrying it, even if the next store down the road sells a lot of it. I’d guess that maybe 75%-80% is standard stock for the region, and the rest is up to the store to play with. I suspect that this area is where a manager gets a good rep with the home office.

      Some items are only in the stores, and some only by shipping.

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