Buying time

Reminder: another week and a half until this MH group buy thing hit’s the finish line.
Cheapest AR from a manufacturer whose name you’d actually recognize: CDNN has a S&W no-frills AR for $600. If you can live with an AR from someone you never may have heard of, you can find them as low as $500 for a complete gun. Novemeber 5th you won’t be able to find it at twice the price.

And before folks chime in with the “Yeah, but those are dealer prices”…so what? Most FFL’s charge around $20-30 to do a transfer, so have them order one up for you and youre still way ahead of the game.

If your tastes run to .308, get a PTR-91 for $850. Well made .308 battle rifle at a giveaway price.

Now is the time to buy if you plan on making some profit from the coming Dark Times.

6 thoughts on “Buying time

  1. Have a look at and Both have pretty good prices. And both already have some in-stock issues right now that will probably only get worse. Buy ’em cheap, stack ’em deep!

  2. My money would be on 80% lowers. The most untraceable rifle will be the one you build yourself.

  3. I have to agree, if your going to buy, buy now and get a few extra to sell at astronomical prices at election time. And get a few extra 80% lowers and kits stocked away.

  4. I’m looking for suggestions on quality DPMS pattern 80% AR-10 lowers. Somehow the idea of the pour and mold lowers just don’t turn me on.

    I know they won’t be the price of -15 lowers but there has to be the Anderson Arms of the AR-10 world out there.

    • Tactical machining has 80% -15 lowers for $39 and 80% -10 lowers for $139. Also have 80% 1911s and 10/22s. The -15s are made from the usual GI-pattern 7075 alloy forgings, the -10s look to be cut from billets and no mention of material.

      I’ve seen their 80% -15 lowers and they look pretty good. Fit properly to a known-good upper, no burrs on holes or threads. Have the “rear pocket” cut for the rear tab on the upper, so that much less milling work to do. Probably pick up a dozen or so once they’re back in stock. They have them for as low as $29 each (for 3 or more) on occasion, and also cheap defective 80%s that can be used for practice.

      Currently they’re out of stock on everything but their “custom engraved” lowers and the 10/22s.

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