Gun show this weekend

It’s a gun show weekend. Interestingly, I don’t see john Trochman at any of the gun shows anymore. I wonder if he’s given up the show circuit or what. He was definitely out where the buses don’t run, but he was always pleasant to talk to and usually had very useful stuff for sale.

This trip I’ll be curious to see how the market is doing on ARs, AKs, and especially magazines. Election day is but a scant seven months away, and a determined individual can put a lot of goodies away between now and then.

Personally, I’m not really looking for anything. Oh, there’s plenty I want…just cant really come up with the coin. I expect that between now and November the gun shows will be much more crowded, and that crowd will definitely have an agenda.

With the advent of wireless internet in just about every major event center, it’s blissful to be able to hit Gunbroker and compare prices when you see something on the table and you just arent sure if its a good price or not. Yay for technology.

5 thoughts on “Gun show this weekend

  1. So far, supplies of firearms (including the “scary” ones),magazines, and ammo are all abundant in my locale. If there is any hint of panic among the gun-buying masses, they’re hiding it very well so far.

    My prediction is that we’ll see the panic set in (or not) once the election looks to be decided. Before that point, it will just be us forward-thinking people doing all the strategic buying.

  2. The only thing in short supply in SE Wisconsin is still .22LR. You get it in in spurts, like at my local Cabelas, and then the reasonable price stuff ( about .8-.9 cents a round ) is gone by the next day. Sure you can plunk down 85.00 bucks on a brick of Eley or Norma match ammo, but most don’t. I loaded up when the getting was good way before this shortage happened so I can wait for good deals, if I even need to ( 22 Thou or so in the larder ). Any forward thinking prepper will have some, and the weapons to use it, because it is a very good general purpose caliber for most small game ( or if you have to relatively quietly on larger ) or pest elimination.

  3. I snagged 10k small pistol primers yesterday at a show in NC. (my wife and I shoot a lot) I try to never get below 10k so when I break into the next to last box I start looking, found these for 2.9 c and the brand I like to boot. There was a time not so long ago there none to be found in any flavor. I made it through that shortage but almost ran out. Not going to let that happen again if I can help it, and the same goes for projectiles and powder for all our stuff. The shows are good because the Hazmat has already been paid once on volume buys by the dealer.

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