Paratus approaches!

Wow, can you believe it’s been a year? I’m still eating my Paratus candy from last year. You’ve got about a month to get your Paratus shopping done.

Paratus, as you know, is the brainchild of yours truly to give us survivalist/preppers/geardos/gear-queers a ‘holiday’ to give us an excuse to get more stuff.

As always, Parartus falls on the third Friday of September. This year, thats September 16th.

Everything you want (and don’t want) to know about Paratus can be found in the Paratus FAQ.

Spread the word far and wide…the more people you bring into the Paratus fold the more likely you are to get gifts from, yeah.

8 thoughts on “Paratus approaches!

  1. I never know what kind of wrapping paper to use… Old Shotgun News pages or plain brown grocery bags?

    • Either one should be acceptable as would, I think, tin foil. That said, why wrap? Just place presents in ammo cans with a label. Two for one gifting, as everyone can always use more ammo cans.

  2. I think I’ll get you the same thing that you got me last year. I hope that’s OK…

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