Real Estate – Buyer sought for Whatcom County radar tower with drop-dead view

Someone very thoughtfully (thank you, DD!) sent me a link to this article:

BLAINE — In real estate, the term “unique” is a common description, even for a stick-frame rambler. But this property is as unique as they come.

For sale at $1.5 million: a five-story massive concrete building, on top of which once sat a 70-ton rotating radar.

This was during the Cold War, and the radar was part of a system on the lookout for incoming Soviet bombers. It was in a prime location to search the horizon, right by the Canadian border, with a magnificent view looking out at the San Juans.

Potential buyers ought to have no earthquake worries. Each floor has four solid concrete columns. Each column is 3 feet square. Outside walls are a foot thick and reinforced with rebar.

“It was explained to me that it was constructed to withstand a nuclear attack,” says Stefanie Fuller, who in 2003 was in charge of selling the surplus radar tower for the state.

But here”s the real money shot – ad with pictures!

Kinda looks like one of those old German flak towers that they can’t cheaply tear down these days.

I remember looking at one of those microwave relay stations that were for sale years ago…it was constructed in a similar ‘-nuke-resistant’ fashion. They’d make awesome retreats if you could modify them for full-time habitation without compromising their integrity.

4 thoughts on “Real Estate – Buyer sought for Whatcom County radar tower with drop-dead view

  1. 1.5 million for a snatch and grab. I take a full ruck and good pair of boots for $500 first.

  2. They didn’t stage that right at all… total pit, hah.
    Looks like hobos have been living there for years.

    While it would have a certain “neat” factor to it, were things to actually come off the rails, the last thing I’d want is a castle on a hill; attracting everything with eyeballs right to you…

  3. Asbestos, lead flux in the plumbing, whatever industrial spills. Still, it could be interesting.

  4. Life on the 2nd floor, stockroom/store room on the 3rd floor, armory and indoor range on the 4th floor, solar powered aquaponics on the 5th floor and roof.

    First floor is full of stuff that says Go Away.

    I like it… just not the idea of living anywhere NEAR Seattle…

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