Link – Going through the ups and downs of 20+ different AR15 mags in 6 minutes (VIDEO)

Interesting video about one person’s experience with almost two dozen different flavors of AR mags. Worth a watch, even if you don’t necessarily agree with the opinions.

My own experience is that I prefer regular plain ol’ GI aluminum magazines over everything else. I used to swear by the CProducts mags but haven’t bought any from them since they had that ugly change of ownership a few years back, so I can’t speak to current quality.

Although I prefer GI aluminum magazines, I do stockpile Magpul Pmags as trading stock. I’ll use them if I have to, but I feel more comfortable with the aluminum mags in terms of reliability (which is everything) and durability. I’ve used AR mags from the Vietnam war with original followers and original springs and they’ve worked fine. Not sure I can find a forty year old plastic mag I can say that about.

Again, it’s personal preference…I’m sure you’ve had great experience with your carbon-fiber windowed magazine with round counter. Awesome. Good on ya. I’ll stick with the aluminum GI mags.

But….I’m a hidebound curmudgeon. I encourage you to research and try, try, try before making up your own mind.


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4 thoughts on “Link – Going through the ups and downs of 20+ different AR15 mags in 6 minutes (VIDEO)

  1. I’m with you on this. I’ve owed (and still do) a fair share of Magpul and Lancer mags, and even tried the new HexMag mags. No real horror stories to report, but the USGI aluminum mags just “feel” better. I prefer Brownell or Okay Industries.

    I do put Magpul anti-tilt followers and Ranger Plates on all my USGI mags, however. The good people at the tactical plastics factory won’t be going hungry on my account.

  2. +1 on the MagPul anti-tilt followers. I also have some Viet-era aluminum mags (with black followers) and they were all the first to be replaced with the yellow Magpul followers. Next were the green followers, better product the green mags which were also my issued item in Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, which served me well.

    I’ve not really found a use for the Ranger plates, other than to feel the difference between the .300 BLK mags and the 5.56 mags (by feel). I use Gunskins wraps to give a visual cue.

    Most of my mags are all Okay Industries, Adventure Arms (late 70s and 80s) and Colt that I collected over the years or the CProducts I purchased recently.

  3. Surprised no mention of Lancer mags in the vid.

    Have to agree on the aluminum and steel mags. I picked up a few colts at the last gun show for cheap ($10). Hoping it’s the real deal!

    Changed out a few followers for the Israeli ones off the APEX website. They seem to be working great.

  4. I like to use Lancer translucent mags at Carbine matches, as it makes it much easier to top off half empty mags at the end of a stage. But for my go to mags, all aluminum. Half the price, too.

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