Counterfeit Pelican Case?

So I was trolling through craigslist and found this: Pelican 1700 Long Case (waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof)$100

Hmm. A Pelican 1700 for a C note would be pretty sweet. But….

Let’s bring up an image from Pelican’s website.
pelican-desert-tan-usa-made-military-rifle-caseNow lets snag the picture from Craigslist

00w0w_1DQ1PVk4BaM_1200x900Three things jump out at me:

  1. The logo’s on the cases are completely different. A Google and Yahoo image search for “Pelican case logo” does not return that logo you see on the CL case.
  2. Notice the two protrusions on either end of the black case. Not present in the tan Pelican image
  3. Pelican product has metal reinforcements at the padlock holes, the black CL case does not.

Is any of this definitive? I don’t know. It’s possible this is an old Pelican case that predates the metal-reinforced lock points, is an older mould that has those projections on the end, and perhaps the logo did change. Also, if you look at Pelicans product page for the 1700, some do have those round doughnuts on the corners, and some do not.

Or its a fake from our Most Favored Trading Partners over in China.

I was a tad disappointed that I couldn’t find much on the internet about spotting counterfeit Pelican cases. And, as I said, this case on CL maybe the real deal….but I’m thinking it isn’t.

Moral of the story: know your dealer. I came *this* close to buying this case until the odd logo threw me and I started to get suspicious. Amazon sells the real deal and if you shop around on there you can often find a decent deal on shipping.


9 thoughts on “Counterfeit Pelican Case?

  1. Some time back, I had a small ‘in’ with Blackhawk. I came across a rifle case that had their name on it, yet was markedly sad quality. Even by Blackhawk standards. I contacted my contact, and asked if it was their product (Doing due diligence before writing a blog post). After some time, the answer came back that Blackhawk, and many companies, had ‘secondary’ lines of cheaper products for the less well heeled clientele. You know…. us poor people.

  2. Is it possible that the seller in the Craigslist ad is using the name Pelican as a general descriptive term for the type of case? You know, like how every tissue is a kleenex?

    • It seems unlikely since he says he paid $200 for it, which is what a new Pelican case goes for.

  3. That looks to be an old short case Pelican, #1700. No metal, no folding handles, solid center handle, no wheels. Label looks correct. Current up to around ’04, maybe. Approx 13.5″ x 35.5″ inside. An hk type with folding or sliding stock should fit nicely, with lots of accessories.

    • I think so too. It looks like an older, but real, Pelican.

      Of course, I’ve got a Pelican case from the late 80’s….it’s gone through many uses over the years, I’ve had to replace the foam a couple of times but the case is still solid….

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