Fear The Walking Dead – S2

I was pretty much ready to write off “Fear The Walking Dead” as just too stupidly annoying for me to watch. There were virtually no characters I liked, the characters were beyond clueless, and there just wasn’t any sense of caring what happened to these people.

Season Two, it appears, must have been made by people who spent the off-season reading the internet and learning what people disliked about the show. First, things are a tad grittier. I like that. It’s the end of the world, not Comic-con. The main characters have broken off into three distinctly separate storylines, so I can have episodes with minimal annoyance from some of those amazingly weak female characters.

And, speaking of female characters, we get introduced to new ones. Specifically, this one:

lucianaNormally, I’m not into ethnic chicks, and I’m not a fan of brunettes. What I am a fan of, though, are strong chicks with guns. (What can I say? I like what I like. Too many chicks are victims [or like to see themselves as victims], so ones that aren’t are pretty attractive.) So, yes, eye candy…but my kinda eye candy.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that this season the principal characters are much more realistic or fatalistic in their dealings with other people. Gone is Season One’s we-must-help-them mindset that drove me nuts. Now it seems the reality has hit home – other survivors are most likely bad news.

And to wrap it up, here’s an interesting article noticing the more realistic/fatalistic trend in FTWD.

When the apocalypse begins, the smartest thing you can do (besides raid Modell’s for combat boots) is monopolize essentials. Food, water, and shelter are in short supply. If you want easy living in the end of days, providing what people need is a golden ticket. Unfortunately, you’re going to compete with drug lords who already have the muscle and arsenal to take them first.

Fear the Walking Dead continues to one-up its older sibling series The Walking Dead by detailing a world where logic and plausibility are the most dominant forces in the zombie apocalypse. In “Sacrifice,” Nick (Frank Dillane) is assigned to accompany Luciana (Danay Garcia) on a dangerous task: Grocery shopping.

So there are stil characters on this show that I’m really eager to see leave, but overall I like the direction this particular part of the storyline is headed. I am, however, still extremely disappointed that they apparently(!) killed of my favorite character, Reuben Blades’ “Daniel”.

10 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead – S2

  1. I agree that the second season is better, I really need to catch up. I also find the Talking Dead is pretty good about answering some questions I have about things that made no logical sense to me.

    A slight hi-jack… just came across the news. The two of the recent bombs in the NY/NJ area were made with Tannerite. This report was by video, I’m trying to find a web article to support the claim.

    Stock up before it is illegal.

  2. I’m hoping Daniel came to his senses at the last moment and will reappear a changed man as did Morgan in TWD.

  3. I’ve been wondering about Daniel myself. He has been the most compelling character by far. The most annoying has to be Madison. She will get people killed with her frantic outbursts. She is as bad as the teenagers. I guess middle aged women are hormonal too.

    • No, the buttplate has the distinctive Ruger look to it. It’s a Mini of some kind, but with a fairly truncated barrel from what I’ve been able to see. IMFDB doesn’t have it listed yet.

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