The “Dewey Beats Truman” stash

Remember that old headline?

dewey-defeats-trumanThe paper was so certain that Truman would lose they went ahead and set the type and printed the paper….assuming it was a done deal.


20161111_130102 20161111_130125So certain was I of a Clinton victory, I ordered these at the last minute. But..since Trump won does that mean this was a bad purchase? Nope, not in the least. They will cost more later. And someday they will be unavailable. All Im losing here is opportunity cost.

10 thoughts on “The “Dewey Beats Truman” stash

  1. I used to draw heat around the house for my procurement technique: If it’s something we use – especially if we use a lot of it – and it’s either available or on sale for a good price, or we have coupons, or both, I’ll buy large quantities for future need. Assuming one has storage space for it, and it’s not immediately perishable, having it on the shelf is value in itself. As you point out, the only sacrifice is the opportunity cost.

    I doubt I’d be interested in 1,000 rolls of toilet paper, but maintaining +/- 144 seems quite reasonable, especially considering a gross comes in three boxes of 48 which are simple to store and is offered at a very attractive quantity price, even when a box of 48 is purchased individually; if the supply temporarily grows beyond that it’s considered “trade fodder.” Same holds true for canned beans, tampons, AR magazines, generator gas, etc.

    Point is, with rare exceptions, prices tend to not go down, only up, and there are myriad reasons why something could become unavailable for indeterminate periods. (I suspect, if transportation costs were not an issue, I could fund several years of future retirement with a few gross of TP rolls in Venezuela).

  2. I spent almost a 2 week paycheck getting ready for a potential Killery victory. Do I regret it, not at all. I built a nice spare AR, got a couple cases of 5.56 and a bunch of AR n Glock mags. Granted I didn’t put 500 pmags on a credit card to try to make a big profit or anything.

    My supply situation is better than it was before. I will not purchase that stuff for awhile and will instead purchase other things. I need a rifle scope and some odds n ends.

  3. My only last minute, high-anxiety purchase arrived today. 500rds of IMI 77gr OTM.
    Of course, the last 18 months have been as much of a buying frenzy as I could afford.
    Also today, I shipped off my PTR91 GI R in trade for a PTR32G2. I’ve never owned anything chambered in 7.62×39. My philosophy prior to the election was buy for what I already had. Now I can try something new. PTR32G2 seems to be well reviewed, unlike G1. I already have 20 mags from Brownell’s on the way. They’re on sale in 10 packs for $114 or so. Spend over $200, and you get free shipping and $20 off. So I did.

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