Silver and old money

Was playing with some old money today. Notice anything interesting (other than the obvious) about these?

20161117_174011Well, lets look a tad closer:

20161117_17401r1The $1000 bill was printed after Roosevelt’s little stunt. Notice that the newer bills says nothing about redeeming for gold..only ‘lawful money’. Oh, those crazy liberals!

Anyway, it was interesting to see that little reminder of some weird times. The Metals Pimp tells me that there are still plenty of customers who only buy their gold in ‘colectible’ form because they think that if this sort of thing happens again, Uncle Same will , for some strange reason, use the exact same wording of the orginal Act and exempt collector coins. Really? Does that make any sense at all? I didn’t think so.

Speaking of the Metals Pimp, he dropped off a nice shiny Silver Eagle that he said one of his customers asked him to pass on to me. So, generous benefactor, when the zombies are roaming and the apocalypse is nigh I will be purchasing my lapdances with silver and raise a toast of home-distilled brain-eraser to your generosity. Salut!

5 thoughts on “Silver and old money

  1. I wonder if the $500 note is still exchangeable for gold? Not that you would, of course, unless you could get the amount of gold $500 would have bought when that bill was originally printed.

  2. Should another president attempt “Roosevelt’s little stunt”, compliance will require five decimal places to be measurable, specie and barter will be the medium of exchange everywhere outside TPTB’s control, and the only form of precious metal likely inbound to central would-be governators will be lead, with a smidge of tin and antimony for hardening.

  3. I spent a Summer as a bank teller, and had to count the $500 bills when the vault was opened and when it was closed.
    Miss them. Wish that they had made a $250 bill, but I wouldn’t have any use for that now. Will be lucky to have the Benjamin and Grant still be legal.

  4. There’s a strange willingness among many otherwise rational paranoids to think that the .gov will never learn from history.

    They think that a future FDR will exempt non-bullion silver and gold from confiscation — excuse me, “buy-back” in the language of the Left — that a future Clinton will put a “sunset” clause in a gun ban, that their guns and magazines will be “grandfathered” in such a ban…

    Are they delusional? Or just unable or unwilling to “draw a line in the sand” and refuse to comply, no matter the consequences?

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