Black Fridays Matter

Don’t forget, day after Thanksgiving:

Friday Of Color sales – save your pennies and go nuts on Friday. Now is the time to hedge your bets after a close election. Black Fridays Matter!

Turkey sales – Day after T-Day is the day to lay back a flock of turkeys if your freezer can handle it. Turkey is dang good anytime if the year. Who doesn’t love them some turkey sandwiches???


5 thoughts on “Black Fridays Matter

  1. Bloody shoppers running around in their bloody mini vans to all the bloody sales. And how many of those people are we, the EMS/First Responder community gonna pry out of those twisted hulks as they run around, talk on the cell phone and run a red light. Or drift into another lane. Etc. Etc.

    Be safe out there while shopping. The world is full of idiots and a lot of them drive like maniacs.

    • I saw a woman in the local wallyworld who had fallen down in one of the back service hallways. She was so fat….she was SO friggin’ FAT, that her girth encompassed the entire focking hallway & the paramedics couldn’t access her from the side. They had two guys at her feet and two guys at her enormous, fat head, trying to get her back up on her elephantine feet. Must have weighed a quarter-ton, easy. I’m a lard-ass myself, but Jesus Christ – how do people get that fat? This country needs a mass-die-off.

  2. I refuse to go out into the BF madness.

    Of course, this year I was required by work to go shopping at WallyWorld on Friday of Color. Surprisingly not crowded. No deals, either. Go figure. Not a total loss as I was getting paid and bought a bag of not-bad jerky for myself.

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