9 thoughts on “Turkey Day

  1. You’re right. What if Hillary’a retarded attempt to have recounts in WI, MI, & PA comes out in here favor?

  2. I hear you man. I’m not in a great holiday place either. Up side, someone gave you a genuine HK 91 like a month ago.

    • Hey, if someone gave you a genuine HK, and your life still sucked, I would NOT want to be you. Guns are just things, right? Family issues, work issues, whatever, aren’t soothed well by mere things. Anyway, better days.

      • I don’t disagree. There is a difference between a genuinely crap tastic life where you have cancer or are homeless or whatever and just being blah, lonely and getting reminded of it by the holidays an everyone saying how happy they are.

    • I’m working at the firehouse T day and Xmas eve and day, at least this place is built like a bunker lol.

  3. Thankful I was required to work on T-day as that means I had a job. My non-critical coworkers didn’t paid. I did. Or will. I hope.
    Thankful for cats (don’t judge me!), as the little narcissists don’t lie.
    Thankful for Rain-X.

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