Fidel Castro died the other day and I didn’t really have anything to say about it.

What’s to say? The guy played the US wonderfully when he overthrew Batista and got to die somewhat peacefully despite giving the Soviets the opportunity to put nuclear missles closer to the US than some people drive to CostCo. I suspect that Cuban relations will be very different in a year or so.

I should be getting my invite to the Alpha 66 celebratory barbecue any day now…….

5 thoughts on “Castro

  1. If you ever listen to the Ben Shapiro podcast, his Monday episode had a pretty incredible summary of Castro’s legacy as a dictator, and a scathing rebuke of the leftists’ post-mortem fondness for the guy.

    I always knew Castro was a bad dude, but I had no idea how bad it was until hearing the first 20 minutes of that podcast.

  2. Clinton loses, Castro dies……good things come in ‘3s’, right?

    I better buy a lottery ticket this weekend….

  3. Castro – FTP. Eff that puto. A monster – hope he and Che have a reunion down in hell.

  4. Nothing will change in Cuba, except the leader’s name.

    Cuba had the highest income/GDP of the entire central/south Americas, until that asshole took over. None of those Communist revolutions ever helped a nation, anywhere in the world. No part of them improved. Well, except for the made up stuff in their propaganda. Typical leftists, only words.

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