16 thoughts on “Cyber Monday

  1. My only Cyber Monday purchase was an Ancestry DNA kit. They were 30% off the usual $99, Cyber Monday only. I have no idea what to expect.

  2. Emergency essentials had some deals, Oakley SI, JRH had 3X magnifiers for PVS14’s for decent price. was shamed into a new comforter/duvet from Target online lol.

  3. just watched a genetics expert debunk that whole industry as no more than snake oil. sorta like those old coat of arms and heraldry scams years ago. “look honey, i’m decedent from the 14th earl of crappingham.” they can tell where your mother came from, buts that’s another very expensive test. father? well his dna is mixed with that of the ages, so any specific heritage is statistically useless. sad, because i really wanted to know myself and all my male ancestors are dead. as to uncle sugar, well he has my dna along with every other service member since the 80’s.

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