Seasons greetings

I don’t celebrate Christmas these days, although since there’s at least three or four denominational gift-giving holidays this month I do give a small gift or card to a few close friends. It’s my way of fitting in among the humans.

Anyway, for those of you celebrating Chrismahanakwanzakah (or Festivus) this month, have a happy. I hope Hanukah Harry, Voodoo Man, Santa Claus, or whomever, brings you cool preparedness themed gifts.

9 thoughts on “Seasons greetings

  1. I could have wrote that myself. Between Thanks-Giving and Christmas, you and I both sound like a couple of grumpy old f***s, Lol.

    You’re not alone in your apathy/disgust/whatever it is. I’m right there with you.

    Happy Holidays anyway man. I really like reading your blog.

    • While navigating the Safeway grocery parking lot, on Christmas day, my wife and I saw a truck attempting the simple task of backing out of a parking space. We waited patiently for what seemed quite a while, about 3 to 4 cars back. The driver was clearly challenged with the basics of driving, so we added more patience to the moment. As she finally pulled out of the space, she looked at us, as if we had committed some crime in waiting and promptly flipped us off. My lovely wife hates conflict and confrontation, so she tried to ignore the obvious rage and disgraceful conduct. I on the other hand was reaching for my method of personal defence and promptly flipped her off, much to her surprise. Ah, Christmas day, when we all draw closer and say things like ” peace on earth, goodwill towards men”. Well it might be what we hope for, but it’s not what we have, so keep your powder dry pilgrims. We are strangers in a strange land. Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas to all! Sorry to hear that you personally aren’t celebrating Christmas. But sure what soured you in Christianity (and that’s none of my business), but I hope one day you’ll reach a place mentally and spiritually to revisit it.

    On a materialistic front, I was gifted a Leupold laser range finder, A Primary Arms shooting mat, and a Pelican rifle case.

  3. Imagine, if you will, what your mood might be on December 26th if Hilary Clinton had won the presidency, and all you had to look forward to in the next month was her inauguration & the immediate & inevitable drive to vote away the 2nd amendment.

    Miracles do happen. One just did. And the national nightmare of President Hillary Clinton will NEVER happen, thanks to one Donald J. Trump.

    I have never been more sure than I am right now that there is a God.

  4. After an especially demanding holiday season we have decided 2017 will be the 1st annual Christmas Away From Home – we shall vacation someplace with snow and scenery and let everyone else deal with the ridiculous madness. It isn’t as thought we’ve family to support so we will do what pleases us. He voted for Wyoming in 2017. I can work with that.

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