Normalcy bias

I was trotting over to some preparedness forum and someone there asked the question “Will this forum slow down now that Trump is elected president?”. The implication, it seemed, was that because Trump won the election we’re all able to slide back to Defcon 4 (or D5 if you’re feeling particularly confident). Where is this coming from? Yes, Hillary didn’t win so the certain doom was avoided, but that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily better off. Let me use an analogy..

You’re walking down the street late at night and a mugger holds you up at gunpoint. As he’s pointing the gun at you and you’re fishing around for your wallet someone steps up behind the mugger and hits him over the head. Now, can you relax and feel that everything is going to be okay? No, of course not…you have no idea if that guy is going to try and mug you as well or if he’s just a good samaritan. All you know is that the immediate threat is gone. Same thing with the election.

I spent far more money than I wanted to in the leadup to the election. But I regret nothing. When the next election rolls around I’ll be buying because I want to, not because I have to.

So, while we’re on the topic, what’s my shopping list for 2017 look like? Well, in terms of thundertoys I’m wanting a few odds n ends. Most notable:

One thing about preparedness, man….there is never a shortage of things to spend money on.


11 thoughts on “Normalcy bias

  1. The fuse remains lit. We still don’t know how ‘long’ it is, and there’s more gunpowder than ever. Trump can’t change that.

  2. Trump may not be our enemy, but I’m not yet convinced that he’s out friend. Beyond that, our country remains as divided as ever–perhaps more so. Neither Trump nor Hillary were equipped to unite this country.

    Yes, it’s going to be a dicey four years.

  3. The jury is still out on Trump, but I’m encouraged he is attempting to play nice, at least for now. Funny how press pushes him to act presidential when it comes to Russian hacking Dems, yet gets the thumbs down for an opinion on Israel U.N. vote. Which do you want – presidential or not ?

    I think the media focus on Trump is to downplay what a dick Obama is proving to be for everyone to see. About three weeks away from his leaving White House and he is doing everything he can to leave a mess for Trump to clean up. Probably even leave the toilet unflushed on last day, lol. Real dick move, soon to be gone President Obama.

    Good call on the Ruger GP-100 5 shot .44 Spcl. The cartridge really did get the short end of the stick, its a fine cartridge that can be loaded with higher velocity than the .45ACP, its competition. Adjustable rear sights – they finally got it right. Zeroing a load is far easier with them.

    In poisonous snake country, a CCI shot load or two, followed by solids makes a lot of sense. Very easy to index the cylinder to move to correct load for the occasion.

    Happy New Year man – 2016 was a helluva year !

  4. Question here Commander.

    Why get the .44 Spl when you can get the Magnum for roughly the same cash yet have dual ammo options. (Much like .38 Spl in a .357 Mag)

    I still have a Henry lever .357 and a Ruger .357 on the want list for just this reason, ammo commonality in either .38 or .357…

    Not to poo-poo the .44 Spl round at all, I just think it would be the wiser move.

    • Well, for one thing, they don’t make a 5-shot .44 Mag on that frame size. I agree with you that the Mag would be more versatile and therefore more sensible from a preparedness standpoint, but once in a while I find a gun I like and want that doesn’t have a preparedness application..this is one of ’em. The other would be the big 7×57 I picked up a couple years ago. Theyre just ‘fun guns’. That sais, I am in the market for a nice .44 Mag and will probably pick up a nice Redhawk at some point.

        • As for the .338 how about the Savage in .338 Lapua. Though I think you are right it will not be long before Ruger do a .300 Win Mag and a .338 Lapua.

        • Given two L-frames, one built by Ruger and one by Smith, I’ll prefer the Ruger for its durability even though I am quite a S&W fan.

          • I wonder if Ruger left enough meat in the cylinder to bore the chambers through to fit some of the .44Mag loads? Ala’ the sp101 when it was first chambered for .357. That was first done by a gunsmith for Ayoob, IIRC. It would only handle the 125gn in the .38 spcl cylinder length. Ruger did a small run, (maybe 5k?) until they got the frame lengthened to fit the full size .357 cylinder.

  5. C-Zero

    I have a Mossberg 930SPX and it is an excellent shotgun. From light game loads, 8 shot up to full power 00 buckshot and hammer heavy slugs it has NEVER malfunctioned. I added a larger sakety button for more positive purchase to disengage and butt cuff shot shell holder. A tactical flashlight up front on the left side of barrel completes my mods. While not a lightweight the total package is well balanced and fast into the shoulder. My only complaint is a fairly long LOP, but if need be the stock cou.d be shortened if that really agggravates a person. Best of all I got this for only 599.00 at Cabelas.

    On the .44spl I have a Taurus ( I know many think they are junk but this is very well made revolver ) in .44 mag, 5 shot. It came factory ported, stainless, and is not very large, so a nice back up gun that doesn’t weigh a lot. Has the dual cartridge advantage, although in .44 mag with my hot hand loads it is a handful. .44spl it is mild mannered indeed, yet you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of it.

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