Article – Latest: Man walking in woods found missing NJ woman, child

Not a lot of information here, but it appears they stayed with the vehicle .

A sheriff’s office official says a man walking in a wooded area in rural Virginia stumbled across a missing New Jersey woman and her great-granddaughter.

Maj. William Knott of the Dinwiddie County Sheriff’s Office says 71-year-old Barbara Briley and 5-year-old La’Myra Briley were still inside their vehicle when the man found them Wednesday. The two had been missing for days.

Knott says the man called 911 and the sheriff’s office responded. He says he has “absolutely no clue” how the Brileys ended up in the secluded area.

State police said earlier that Barbara Briley was flown from the scene to a Richmond hospital.

Knott says La’Myra has been reunited with her family.

The two left New Jersey on Christmas Eve to visit relatives in North Carolina but never arrived. They had last been seen at a gas station north of Richmond.

Could have been the elderly woman was driving and suffered a stroke or heart attack, and that’s why everyone was still in the vehicle. Would also explain why she had to be flown out. Regardless, staying with the vehicle is usually the best choice.

ETA: A slightly clearer description here

2 thoughts on “Article – Latest: Man walking in woods found missing NJ woman, child

  1. I read this on several outlets and two things stood out to me the first was:
    “Family members say Briley, a former New Jersey Transit driver, has made the drive many times before.”
    And the second was in another article, the clerk at the last store that had them on security video claimed the grandmother came in with her GPS and said she was lost and seeking directions.

    So many things to consider as a cause or several small causes that cascade that brought them there (onset of dementia, TIA, stoke?) but they stayed with (or were unable to leave) the vehicle. The report that the grandmother was helo’d to another hospital (without a mention of some sort of physical trauma) suggests the above scenarios.

    Still a better outcome than the alternative.

  2. Weirdness, and probably a stroke, by way of explanation.

    Otherwise, one simply makes a cell phone call, and help is there.

    This isn’t like she was trekking in the Yukon in a blizzard.

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