Article- California Gun Owners Are Already Subverting the State’s Expanded Assault Weapons Ban

Part of a sweeping package of reforms pushed by Democrats in 2016, the regulations clamped down on a gun industry innovation, known as the bullet button, that flouted an earlier statute meant to regulate rifles with detachable, quickly reloadable ammunition magazines. Under the revised rules, Californians in possession of assault weapons that incorporate a bullet button and certain other features have until the end of this year to register them with the state, a step that some gun owners are loathe to take. Stores like SoCal can’t sell new bullet button-equipped guns, and don’t yet have an alternative that they can be sure will comply with the enhanced restrictions.

But all that could soon change. Just as they did the last time California updated its longstanding assault weapons law, enterprising gunsmiths are ready with new products that could render the tighter restrictions largely moot.

I have a buddy who, finally, left California for the freedom of the mountains of Montana. He said that the first thing he did after he crossed the border out of the state was to pull over, get his FAL outta the case, and replace the ‘bullet button’ with the normal magazine release.

We always ask California gun owners why they don’t just get out of that place and join the rest of us here in the land of 30-rd magazines and flash suppressors. Usually, the answer is either “My wife won’t move, she has family here” (or a similar family-related theme) or they just can’t change careers right now. I have to respect that, after all, a man has obligations and duties that sometimes keep him from doing what he wants.

I feel bad for those California gunnies, though, and I admire the folks who brainstorm rule-beater advancements in technology to try to make the most of a bad situation.

But…nothing makes me appreciate where I live more than reading those outrageous California regs and snuggling my HK91.

10 thoughts on “Article- California Gun Owners Are Already Subverting the State’s Expanded Assault Weapons Ban

  1. So when gun owners obey the law and do as ordered they are subverting the law not obeying it. They complain more about obeying the law than disobeying it. What are they meant to do?

  2. If a majority of gun owners in CA decided to peacefully resist these asinine restrictions, and simply refuse to use bullet buttons or whatever, the government would have to back off. They won’t make felons out of millions of otherwise law abiding, voting, and tax paying citizens. They simply can’t afford it, economically, politically, or judicially.

    But they’ll keep passing more and more restrictive laws so long as CA gun owners continue to bend over and take it.

    • Dream on.

      They would happily make felons out of them, and confiscate their property en route. Lawyers would get the rest.

      There are currently >30,000 gun laws on the books nationwide, despite the existence of the 2d Amendment.

      So flout your own state’s laws, and write to us and tell us how it works out.

  3. Living south of the mason-dixon line there seems to be a gun show somewhere all the time…but even in the land of the more free some states are better than others…for example in NC you can buy any long gun without delay but when it comes to handguns the hoops come out…

  4. Imagine how bad it would be if that state *actually* seceded……F-cking progressives would probably arrest anyone with a pocket knife.

    • Those seriously proposing secession here could meet in a phone booth.

      If you seriously think otherwise, you’ve been grievously misinformed.

      But if, contrary to reality, something like that happened, the state would be conquered from within in about a month, form another republic, and petition to rejoin the union, with gun laws that would make Texas look like Soviet Russia.

      The refugees could return to NFY &c, from whence they came in the first place.

      Most of us live here because unlike the bloghost, we don’t have to shovel twelve feet of snow off our driveway every winter.

      If Zero can figure out a way to substitute MT’s legislature for ours, we could work out a means of shipping them some sunshine in wintertime.

  5. The problem with letting Californians out of California and into your state is that they bring California with them. No refugees. Build the wall.

    • Your problem is you haven’t recognize they aren’t Californians in the first place. (Google the origin of such worthies as Grey Davis, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer sometime, and get back to me.)

      But since you’ve been exporting your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk to us, to help enact this silliness for the last 30+ years, and your elected doofusii were looking the other way while 5M illegal aliens moved in here because it “wasn’t your problem”, expect that someday, you’re going to get the whole kit and caboodle back.

      You go build that wall, we’ll provide the trebuchets.
      If God loves them, he’ll provide a parachute.

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