Upcoming cannery trip

Reminder: A dozen 10/22 mags for $104 delivered.

Winter continues apace. A good time for indoor things like reloading, inventorying, re-arranging things, etc, etc.

Got together with one of the LMI the other day. He was asking me about the LDS cannery in town. I hadn’t been there in several years and since then they have changed their policy about food canning. See, it used to be you’d get a half dozen people or so, head up there, everyone put on gloves and a hair net, and you took your place in the assembly line process of canning food. Your task might be to scoop rice from the 100# bag into the cans, or your job might be to put the oxygen absorber in the can, or perhaps your job was to seal the can…you get the idea. Anyway, there was a certain amount of ‘sweat equity’ involved and having to work together with strangers. Normally, I do not like working with strangers but since these were strangers who shared my beliefs and goals it was rather nice.

And then, as usual, .gov stepped in screwed it up.

Health and safety, food handling regs, whatever….short version is that because of bureaucratic BS you couldn’t continue doing it the way it had been done. Instead, you go up there now and buy the food already canned. Heck,  you can even head over to the church website and order the stuff online at the same price.

So, I need to get together with my buddy and make an appointment to go up there and pick up a few things. I was going over my spreadsheet and I’ve a comfortable amount of stuff in storage but, for a few bucks, why wouldn’t you pad that stockpile a bit?

Between bulk stuff like rice, corn, and pasta, the long-term stuff like the freeze-drieds and dehydrated, the mid-term stuff like the canned meats and jarred foods, and the shorter term stuff, I think I could pretty much go quite a while without feeling hungry.

I remember reading “One Second After” and somewhere around three months into the story people were eating heir pets and killing each other for food. I recall thinking “Geez, that’s only three months…I wouldn’t be even making a dent in my stockpile at that point.”

As me and my buddy were talking about the tentative upcoming cannery trip, I mentioned that at this point I’m pretty much just ‘maintaining’ rather than ‘increasing’. I mean, the main needs are met, pretty much. All thats really left are the super big ticket items like the happy little fortified Middle O’ Nowhere house, the uber bugout vehicle, and a few expensive high tech odds and ends. But….that sort of thinking leads to complacency and that’ll cause you no shortage of grief in the long run. So….ABC.


4 thoughts on “Upcoming cannery trip

  1. We dont’t need to speculate. Venezuelans ’emptied’ the zoo 2 months ago. Suspect “Fluffy” disappeared ~2 weeks before that. Too bad they can’t have a ‘velvet revolution’. But that’s just not the South American way. Soon, there will likely be lots & lots of blood. Anyone with the means (and foresight) crossed the border long ago. Not unlike the Jews in the ’30s. Better 5 years “too early” than a day too late.

  2. Would love to see your spreadsheet layout…minus the numbers of course. I am attempting to create something similar and I could use some pictoral guides.

  3. Hope the trip to the cannery went well. Luckily, my relative is a food storage – what? rep? for the church and has all the items on-hand. Which reminds me to get some dog food stored again.

    As for spreadsheets – there are so many already online – from basic to full on OCD types. This one I liked because it laid out how much you need per family member so that you can see how prepared you are, not just what you have.

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