Article – Walmart just undercut Amazon’s most valuable perk

Still a few dozen left. Ya snooze, ya lose.

This may be one of the cooler things to happen to preparedness in a while…

Walmart just made a move that should terrify Amazon.

Starting Tuesday at 8 a.m., Walmart will offer free two-day shipping on 2 million items in orders that are more than $35.

All Walmart customers will qualify for the free two-day shipping. There are no fees, and no enrollment in membership programs is required.

“We upped the ante here and decided not to charge people for it,” Marc Lore, CEO of Walmart US e-commerce, said on a call with reporters Monday.

In comparison, Amazon offers free two-day shipping only to members of its Prime program, who pay $99 annually for membership.

Other Amazon users can qualify for free shipping — but without the two-day delivery — on orders of $49 or more.


Two million of the 30 million products carried on Walmart’s website will be available for two-day shipping. Those items will include Walmart’s most popular products, including baby necessities, pet products, foods like cereal and peanut butter, cleaning supplies, electronics, and toys, the company said.

Free shipping at Walmart prices on certain goods means that I might have a new source for case-lots of various foodstuffs and supplies. Honestly, Im not sure WalMart can afford to do this for very long, but while it’s going on I’ll definitely be seeing if its something I can take advantage of. Cases of canned goods, pasta, sauces, etc, etc delivered to my AO would be rather handy…especially if it gives me access to items not normally in my local WallyWorld.

10 thoughts on “Article – Walmart just undercut Amazon’s most valuable perk

  1. Cool, man. BTW, you’re getting some mad-props from Brother Rawles. He really liked your winter vehicle preps.

  2. That’s good to know . I don’t much like Walmart but I tend to have to buy some things from either them or Amazon. Don’t care much for Amazon’s politics either, but sometimes you have to be pragmatic.

    • Im curious to see if I can use it to my advantage for shipping-intense items like Pelican rifle cases, marine batteries, etc.

  3. Unfortunately, a lot of products – especially grocerys – are priced significantly higher online than in store.

  4. Amazon has had free shipping for a while if over $35…..This isn’t really a game changer.

    Amazon has more choices and (some) higher quality. WalMart has (mostly) cheap shit, still.

    And prime offers more than just free shipping on some items.

    This won’t really make Amazon care. It MIGHT bring new customers to the online market though. Might also cut into brick and mortar sales for WalMart ..

  5. I wonder what WM’s long-term corporate strategy is; they’ve recently reported year-to-year sales declnes, and their primary outlet is brick-and-mortar stores. I don’t know, but suspect, that their internet sales are fairly small – their clientele appear heavily oriented to “shopping experience” in stores, and I’d guess not a lot of them will switch to online, meaning online sales will be a sales growth point. I’d think the 2 million items are a test, and if it works out everything will become eligible.

  6. Sorry, but I HATE Walmart with a passion! I am willing to pay twice as much for just about anything just so I don’t have to put another dollar in the Walton Family coffers. Now, if Amazon could fill my prescriptions,

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