Winter…after a fashion

Two weeks ago, -10 degrees ( -23C for those of you in countries that never landed a man on the moon) and snow. Today? Sunny and 47 degrees (8c for those of you….)

It’s gonna be wet out there today. Last night it was four wheel drive and icy roads, today it’s short sleeves and sunglasses. If this stuff freezes tonight it’s going to be tricky.

Clearly, Putin’s been dinkin’ with the weather control machine again.


Eight bundles left. People who have gotten theirs seem rather pleased.

14 thoughts on “Winter…after a fashion

  1. Currently 32/0 and snowing like crazy here. The last couple of weeks in the Spokane area have been pretty crazy and I’ve been quite happy with my decisions that have made me far less car dependent than I used to be.

    • We got almost a foot north of you. Beautiful blue skies right now. Our snow plow guy couldn’t do much with the snow, just too much of it on top of what we got earlier. So we’re stuck at home for a while. Good thing I’m prepared. 🙂

      The only thing I’m missing is the sale on cat food & a few other items I like. I wonder if they’ll give me a rain check due to snow?

  2. “….for those of you in countries that never landed a man on the moon….”

    High time we put a woman on the moon. Like Hillary.

  3. Opsec precludes using email for business. Do you have a snail mail PO BOX address to be used with PO money orders?

  4. Hey, may I ask which game your blog header is from?

    It looks really good, so if it’s not a problem, please let me know?

    Thank you very much!


  5. 47? I don’t think anyone drives down here and they let out school. Just too cold and ain’t natural. Can’t wait for July when it finally gets warm enough. 100-105 and my feet finally thaw out.

  6. I’ve not had the best luck with the ‘hot lips’ mags in my COTS 10/22, seem to have better luck with the steel lips mags from butler creek. Both are a great value if you know which your plinking device prefers. Now if I could just find 22lr on store shelves again…

    • GOBS of .22 on the shelves in the Birmingham AL area… I “have” to go right past the stores on my way to work…

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