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I made the mistake of watching the news tonight with another pearl-clutching “expose” about those…gasp!…’ghost guns’. Never mind that you’ve been able to build your own gun with no serial numbers for quite some time….you just can’t sell it. But what really bumps my blood pressure into the stratosphere is seeing career-weasel Chucky Schumer wringing his hands and talking about that evil NRA.

I dunno about you, but in my AO it’s not a difficult task to find someone selling an AR for cash in the newspaper, at a gun show, or through a friend. Happens all the time. So if I can buy a paperless AR, completely built on a real receiver not made by some hack at his kitchen table, why wouldn’t I? But…I suppose some folks don’t have those options.

I wonder if Schumer and his fellow travelers will try to get things like upper receivers, barrels, etc. regulated in some manner. That’d be quite the trick. Did you know that in some countries it’s the barrel that is the controlled part? Yup. Go look at your Glock sometime…notice the serial number is on the framer, slide and barrel? That’s because somewhere on this planet there is a place where thats the controlled part….so Glock stamps em all.


I had a couple people tell me “Oh, I’ll take some magazines!” and then I never heard from them again. SO….still about seven sets of 12 left.



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  1. I try to read some news without actually reading the quotes from idiots like Schummer etc. Their whole attitude about everything gripe me but;
    The NRA,
    In one breath “they” talk like the NRA is some evil Darth Vader type corporate leviathan out to have every American murder every other American with *gasp* guns!
    In the next breath “they” talk all about how common, hard working, every day decent folks (how Democrats meet these people is never explained) that belong to the NRA are allllllll for sensible gun control.
    But, if it weren’t for double standards, hypocrisy, and do as I command you not as I do, there wouldn’t be a Democrat party.

  2. In most of the US a guy could easily pick up a set of his core weapons with cash from total strangers over say a coulple months, certainly a quarter. Probably at decent prices. If that guy put them away somewhere safe with mags, accessories n ammo it could be an excellent insurance policy.

    No need to try to make them with a drill and a file.

    • Whether through established dealers or picking up private party bargains on Armslist, this is a pretty great time to be in the gun-buying frame of mind.

    • There are much better options for only a little more money.

      The ATI Omni Maxx uses a plastic (steel-reinforced) lower receiver and a plastic upper. They may be as durable as an upper and lower made from 7075 alloy forgings — or they may not be.

      The Omni Maxx is built using a non-chromelined/non-nitrided 4140 steel barrel. It’s going to have a much shorter useful life than a nitrided (Melonited, QPQed, etc) barrel or a chromelined barrel.

      The bolt carrier group specifics are not listed, so most likely they’re on the low end.

      Currently Palmetto State Armory is selling an assembled lower receiver (7075 aluminum forging) with Magpul MOE stock and grip for $150, shipped. Combine that with one of their assembled uppers (M4-pattern 7075 aluminum forging)— for example their 16″ nitrided barrel, 1 in 7″ twist, 4150v steel, with a GI front sight base, for $210, not including bolt carrier group, charging handle or rear sight. Add one of their “blem” “Premium” bolt carrier groups for $70 (158 Carpenter steel bolt, chromelined bolt carrier, proper gas key staking, magnetic particle inspected and high pressure tested) and you’re at $430 before adding in whatever your FFL charges for a transfer, and about $25 for PSA’s shipping on the upper assembly and BCG — but you’d need to add similar fees for the ATI too.

      Add a rear sight (Magpul MBUS folder is $55, shipped, at AIM Surplus, Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed is $66 shipped) and an AIM Surplus charging handle — 7075 forging, much stronger than the 6061 used in most cheap charging handles — for $16, shipped. That’d be $71-$82, for a total of $501-$512 before shipping and FFL charges, but this gives you iron sights which the ATI rifle lacks.

      For about $100 more, you’d have a rifle built on 7075 forgings for both the upper and lower receivers, a higher quality barrel, a BCG built to military specifications and iron sights, without any possible issues associated with a plastic upper and lower receiver.

  3. I’m waiting for the tier 1 manufacturers to crack. I’d like to see BCM bring back the free BCG and CH deal again (at the very least) and I’d like to see PTR-91s dip into the 800s (that may be wishful thinking). Then I get my money out.

  4. on the subject of serial numbering all the main parts… lotsa companies have done this for a long time.
    Two that come to mind – from personal experience – are Smith & Wesson & Walther

    My S&W 1917 made in 1923 has all the parts numbered, as does my 1934 Walther PPK.
    Probably for reason you mention.

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