Link – Customs seizes $2 million worth of ‘counterfeit’ Glock mags


U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities in Savannah have held up a shipment of magazines from Asia they contend violate Glock’s trademark.

In a release from CBP, the agency advised they had impounded a shipment container headed to Tennessee at the Savannah Port of Entry containing 591 cartons of pistol magazines. Authorities determined the Glock trademark on the packaging was unauthorized and in violation of the registered trademark, which led to the shipment– valued at $2.1 million according to the MSRP– to be seized.

Guns, used cars and drugs, man: Know. Your. Dealer.

If you buy a knock off Glock mag you’re out, what?, $20? I am far more concerned about the Trijicon ACOG knockoffs the Chinese are pushing these days. You scrimp and save to buy a nice piece of gear and then you have to worry about weasels out there scamming you. That’s just bad karma right there.

Anyway, as far as the counterfeit Glock mags go, always use a little common sense…yo’re not going to buy brand new factory Glock mags for $8.99 ea. And you aren’t going to buy a genuine ACOG for $179.99.

Got an expensive piece of gear on your shopping list? Before you plunk down your money, go Google “how to detect counterfeit [name of item]”….ACOGs, Aimpoint, SureFire, etc, etc. Even stuff like Magpul gets cloned and sold ‘for the airsoft market’. Caveat emptor, kids.

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  1. If your ACOG is one of the models that can switch between green and red, and requires a battery, but the battery is not included, it may be counterfeit. Genuine ACOGs always come with batteries in the box.

    Also, if your ACOG is marked “NC STAR” it may be counterfeit, or just an earlier model of ACOG. Be sure to ask the Craigslist seller to verify its authenticity.

  2. Fakes have got so common that they are now selling fakes when they don’t have to.
    I just “won” some whistle on Ebay. I just wanted some that I could give away and I don’t want to give away $6+ ACME (England) or Fox (Canada) ones. The ones I won cost between $0.25 and $0.55 and looked like copys of the Fox 40 – which has been in production for so long it’s out of copyright. I’ve had copys before and they have been good and cheap. These come and they are all fake Fox 40 brand new in the packet – made in Canada – and not just the plain whistle ($6.99 from Fox) but the CMG (Cushioned Mouth Grip) model with breakaway lanyard ($9.49 from fox). Now we all know that there is no way that these have come from Canada.
    I’m glad that twenty years ago I got a lifetime supply of good knives as there are so many fakes around.

  3. Remember that silly article, ‘3 reasons to not by a Glock’? A shit-ton of fake Glock magazines in the U.S. is a better reason to not buy a Glock.

    • How so? Every firearm has been copied or counterfeited, including Colt products. Glock is a solid platform. So, your claim is flawed!!!!!

      • People fake Glock mags because there’s money to be made faking $26 dollar magazines. Nobody fakes m9 magazines, because there’s a shit-ton of genuine ones readily available for under $10/copy.

        • There is a reason no one fakes M9 magazine in mass, because the M9 is a piece of SH@!. People also sell fake gold and silver. So, again what’s your point!!! People tend to copy or fake what is currently hot. The Glock is a hot platform with well over 5,000,000 made to date.

  4. The pic of the seized mags looked to me like they were a company’s manufactured mags that fit Glocks…not ones they were trying to pass as Glock factory mags…now if that is the case what is the problem? Why can’t they make and market their own brand? If you go to the company in question website you can see pics of these mags…That isn’t counterfeiting…

    • Perhaps the magazines themselves are marked in such a way as to misrepresent themselves as factory Glock products.

  5. I have bought a good many Korean mags for Glocks, through CDNN, and they work fine. Fortunately, I already have plenty of Glock mags or I’d be going down to Savannah to break into the warehouse. It’s only six hours from here. 😉

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