By the case? Buy the case….Pt II

I may not have a lot going for me, but Crom as my witness…..I will never be hungry.

I like pasta. I’ve cut back on it a bit, but I make a very nice bolognese sauce as well as a very nice tomato sauce. Anyway, the magic number for me for pasta is $1/#. When I can get it for less than that, I’ll stock up. The lower the price, the more I stock up. Pasta keeps quite well, and I use it fairly often…probably 2# a week. So, my  local Albertson’s had the stuff on sale for $.050/#. This was the same sale as they had last June. This time, I was merciless. Last summer was rigatoni, this time – ziti. (Who doesn’t love them some baked ziti????)

20170227_130414You know you’ve maxed out your shopping skill level when they start bringing out your purchases on a hand truck in addition to a shopping cart. The promotion was part of some ‘Monopoly’ themed contest they were having. That’s when it got amusing…

“Ok, 160 boxes of pasta, at fifty cents each…”

“And there’s a 10% discount for buying by the case.”, I gently reminded her.

“Right. So that’s going to be $80 less 10%….so….$72.”

I hand her the cash.

“And here’s your receipt and you get….177 Monopoly pieces.”

“I’m sorry…what?”
“You get 177 Monopoly pieces. Are you playing the game?”

“…but with 177 pieces I think I might have to.”


So….that happened. Joke’s on me, it’s going to take me *hours* to go through all those and check for winners.

Final analysis? For you numbernerds, the scoreboard looks like this:

Normal price: $298.40
Price with sale: $80.00
Case discount: – $8.00
Final total: $72 or $0.45/#.


The money shot

Now, yes, I could tuck away all that food but my habit as of late has been that when I find a *really* good deal on something, I set aside $20 and donate the food to the food bank. So, they’ll get about three cases. It’s ‘Karma Helper’.

Yes, there’s some math discrepancies going on. I think thats because they’re factoring a slightly different pricing schedule. Fact remains though: awesome deal.

10 thoughts on “By the case? Buy the case….Pt II

  1. “I set aside $20 and donate the food to the food bank” who are you and what have you done with Commander Zero?
    We don’t want him back. We just wounded what you done with him.

    • Its in case the theists are right….might not be a bad idea to have a few pluses in the ‘Good Deeds’ column.

        • You don’t know that. You don’t know the nature of my past nor all the details about what I do or don’t do that would affect the karmic balance. Your statement is presumptuous and assumes a level of familiarity that does not exist.

  2. Please update the article when you finally tabulate your winnings from the Monopoly game tickets. I’ll laugh if you actually end this pasta-spree in a cash-positive position.

  3. I didn’t know about the case discount. I did clear the shelf of the small elbows. I will have to ask here as ex-SIL is a manager here.

  4. I may joke about it, but it’s nice too see someone give.
    All over the world it’s been noted that the Right give more than the Left. The Left always think someone else not them should pay. Poorer conservatives are more generous than wealthy liberals.
    How often do you see a liberal star go on about how someone – not them – should pay for something when 10% of their pay for their last movie or record would pay for it, then a year or two later they file for bankruptcy and go on how it’s unfair for them to pay their bills but they should be able to keep the big house etc?

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