For me, going to bed early is a guarantee that I’m going to have dreams. So is eating anything with tomato sauce (such as..oh…baked ziti) before bed. Last night…both. No surprise I woke up at 3am after a few weird dreams. The first was short and simple enough – I was living at my childhood house in Brooklyn when a blackout takes place. I wind up standing guard in front of my favorite Korean grocery store with a plate carrier and a pistol grip Mossberg 500. It’s fairly uneventful except for the shotgun being rather stiff in its action and me thinking I need to remember to take some oil to the stupid thing.

At that point I woke up, saw it was 3am, and resigned myself to another long night of unwanted dreams.

Next dream was a zombie spectacular. It may have been the zombie apocalypse but the threat was other people wanting what I had. In my dream I was being led around the house by some bad guy who felt he had a right to everything I owned…very Negan-esque. I was wondering if I might be able to find a gun or two hidden around the house that I could use. I wound up sneaking a NAA minigun when he wasn’t looking, and five shots to the face later, problem solved. After that it was a series of people wandering up to the door and demanding entry to my shattered yet habitable home. Of course, in this dream things don’t go as planned….magazines are missing or unloaded, the wrong ammo is present, and there was a maddening sequence where I was trying to load a SIG MPX magazine in a hurry from a box of mixed loose 9mm and .40 cartridges.

About the only part of the dream worth dwelling on, for me, was the NAA revolver. I already have a tiny last ditch .22….a Beretta 21A…but the NAA is a good deal smaller. (Although, ergonomically, it is a nightmare to handle with it’s virtually non-existent grip and having to watch your fingers with the cylinder gap.)

Ah, dreams…..sometimes we can learn things from them, sometimes not. In this case I’m learning that I really need to not eat right before bed.

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  1. Eating anything with tomato sauce gives you bad dreams I’ll have to give up eating or sleeping.
    I always thought that you used a NAA minigun not a Beretta 21A as a last ditch hideout.
    I do like the look as the new Sidewinder from NAA with the “swing-out” style cylinder similar to most modern revolvers.

  2. I picked up a Derringer about a year ago. It was to replace my 25 acp. My grandfather had forgotten he had given it to me and willed it to a cousin so I did right thing and gave it to him. It is not my first or even second choice but it is tiny and serves a purpose. Most of the time I carry a single stack 9 or one of my snub nose 38s however there is a occasion once or twice a year where that doesn’t work well. Mainly weddings or a nice dinner where a bigger gun is going to print to much or make the closes sag funny. At around a hundred dollars I thought why not get the 22lr Derringer. It has been reliable and cheap to shoot and a breeze to clean. By no means a man stopper but it does kinda make you feel like old West gambler when you shoot it.

    I hate dreams like that. I used to have dreams where I couldn’t pull the trigger or the bullets came out supper slow. I have dreamed less as I got older.

  3. I have a similar recurring dream, and it is always very vivid. I’m standing in my childhood home, in front of a large picture window. The house is dark, no one there but me. Outside, lightning is flashing and I can see the wind blowing the trees. Vehicles pull up in the driveway and I can see the shadows of people approaching the house. They enter and a firefight ensues, but every stinking time, the bullet I fire just falls out the end of my rifle. Not sure what it means LOL!

    Though I carry a S&W 640 everyday, I also carry an NAA .22 LR with the clip hoster in my front left pocket everywhere I go as a last ditch backup. I’ve heard many a gun dealer say they do the same thing. I find it is extremely versatile and comfortable for just about any situation. Just don’t expect to make any respectable groups with it at 10 yards…

  4. I’ve owned a Kel-Tec P3AT since they came out. Vicious little mother to shoot, but the size is so carry friendly, it is worth keeping around.

    I keep a couple of stash knives all around the house for last ditch defense. Mainly those Cold Steel synthetic which are not affected by humidity or water, even have a couple stashed outside.

    Weird dreams are strange alright.

  5. It’s always the Korean grocery store isn’t it.
    You have sad in the past that when you lived in Brooklyn the first two guns you got where a pistol grip Mossberg 500 and a Chinese AK but did you have a plate carrier or are even your dreams getting tactical. http://www.commanderzero.com/?p=1958
    Given where you lived then and the fact you now know more (hopefully) now would you still get a pistol grip shotgun or a full shot (say a short but usable) one? I’m on about a 18″ plus barrel not one of the new over 26″ ‘firearm’ ones. http://www.commanderzero.com/?p=3849

  6. I carry a NAA in .22mag with a 5/8″ long barrel in a pocket holster just about everywhere I go. Smaller than my wallet, and a set of keys in the same pocket breaks up the outline enough that it’s impossible to spot. My wife runs for exercise and carries an identical pistol. The neighbor’s dog (who has bitten people before) chased my wife (pushing two kids in a stroller) on a run one day. Long story short, the neighbors foolishly kept the dog but they had to amputate the leg. You’re never going to hit the bulls-eye, but I can put all 5 shots in a paper plate at 10 paces. Plenty accurate enough for a “get off me” gun in my opinion. Lifetime warranty is super nice and the few times I’ve contacted them I’ve always gotten a quick, accurate response. Get the fold out clip handle and it’s a lot easier to hold and shoot. Otherwise, yeah it’s going to try and jump out of your hand.

  7. I dream pretty much every time I close my eyes–some good, some strange, some BAD, some really messed up, some excellent (such as being able to fly). Being chased and not being able to move my feet, being in a fire fight with wrong gun OR ammo, etc. The whole dream scene. I have guns, ammo, clubs, machetes and such stashed in my house, garage and vehicles and feel OK about being able to find and use them if required. AND, I have dreams that play out in true life (several in my lifetime). These “dreams” actually kind of suck. Foreseeing accidents, deaths, fights, disease, etc. makes me try really hard to try and “figure out” my dreams. Only rarely do I discuss the content of my dreams with anyone. I also have a photographic memory which just seems to fuel the fire. My oldest daughter (who has her PH.D in clinical psychology has inherited this trait. I realized it early on in her life and had to explain that it is as much a curse as it is a blessing. Reading or watching and preparing for tests, quizzes, real life exposures can be “pulled up” immediately and used for your current needs. But, photographically remembering all the “bad” experiences can be painful and psychologically debilitating. It takes practice and discernment and caution constantly (almost like living a bad dream over & over). My photographic “gift” seems to be waning–or taking longer to remember–as I get older (64). I have relayed this info to my daughter as it does give her some relief knowing that hopefully her “gift” may also subside as she ages. AND she also DREAMS constantly!!! SO……dream on—-I guess….sweet dreams.

  8. Sarge says dreaming of malfs and other shooty failures means your mind is telling you to get to the range. Seems it is a common thing cured with a few rounds spent. My recurring dream irritation is not being able to run on two feet – always on all four’s scrabbling – but I do get a decent lope going eventually. 🙂

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