One is none…

20170303_111136Somewhere in a police station someone is saying “Wait..I thought you had the keys to the weapons locker.”


Local LMI ( you know who you are) hit me up for a smokin’ deal on some night-sighted G22’s in wonderful condition.

22 thoughts on “One is none…

  1. I see a lot of cops are dumping .40 S&W, so what are they replacing them with G17s ( no new holsters needed)?
    As a 9mm fan I bet you were to much of a gentleman to say “I told you so”.

  2. If a great price ya can’t go wrong with a Glock. If nothing else for barter or a cache some where! I’m not a .40 fan but……

    • Im not a .40 fan either…if they were 9mm theyd all be in my safe right now. But for the price, I can trade them off to people who have 9mm and want something bigger, or trade them for other guns I want and still come out ahead.

        • Sure, but by the time I do that I’m into it enough that I may as well have just bought a used 9mm Glock to begin with.

      • Or you could send them and a couple thousand rounds of ammunition my way to help keep Sweden free.

  3. I have a Glock Gen 4 Model 23 in .40 S & W. Just an aftermarket 9mm drop-in barrel and a couple Glock 9mm mags and it is a 9mm pistol. Then it can go in you safe!

    • Aint nothing like flexibility in a Just In Case pistol! I did the same thing.
      Also got 40 and 357SIG bbls for my G29.

  4. I really like .40…back in the ammo shortage days post newtown I couldn’t find 9mm ammo anywhere…but I could still find every other pistol caliber…

    • This is why I bought a .40. I walked into a local shop, and they had a bunch of Sig 229s (I’m a Sig guy), all marked sub-$300. Same deal, a local Sheriff had traded them all in. I really, really, contemplated doing what Zero did. Well, maybe not quite that bad, I was contemplating three or four.

      I still should still buy a few sets of replacement springs.

  5. Here’s where your frugality came in, you had the cash to take advantage of this. Priorities!

    • I wouldn’t go that far. Lets just say Im a ‘motivated seller’ at the moment.

    • I have no idea what you’re asking.
      Are you asking me how much I paid? Are you asking how much I’d sell them for? Are you asking me how much trouble it was finding the deal?

      • Sorry in my late reply, been livin’
        Got no 40’s, so thought about filling a niche.

      • Did they come from the cops with 10-rd magazines or did you just get a very good deal on 10-rd mags plus your safe anywhere?

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