By the case? Buy the case….Pt III

So….my daily pass through the meat department looking for bargain meats. And, to my surprise, the spaghetti sauce I usually  prefer is on sale. Hmmm. Ok, I bought about 120# pasta a week ago…I guess I need enough spaghetti sauce to go with it. And it is on sale, after all. Ten cases please.

20170308_125222Annnnnd…another 120 Monopoly game pieces.

On the bright side, a trip to CostCo for a case of Italian sausage and I’ll be ready to have my favorite reasonably-quick comfort meal on hand for the next….mmmm…..two years. On the negative side, even for me, this is a quantity not usually kept…I need to do some re-arrangements of things in the food storage area. But…there is comfort (and economy!) in these sorts of maneuvers.

16 thoughts on “By the case? Buy the case….Pt III

  1. Zero

    How long does this sauce keep if un opened? Been reluctant to store sauce for that reason.

    • Stored in the classic “cool, dark place” I’ve routinely used stuff 2 years old. I use it up fast enough that it seldom goes past 2-2.5 years. They’re glass bottles, so you’d probably want to shield them from light.

  2. I know those monopoly cards are like little lotto tickets, but I get maximum value out of them by just giving them away to people (I’d like to meet) in the market. People really think you’re giving them something, but for me it’s the perfect, ever-ready excuse to break the ice with a stranger. Good will has value.

    • I have no interest in interacting with people in a supermarket. In fact, if I could, I’d shop at 2am when there are no other people there.

      • 24hr Walmart. Unfortunately, some areas are not open for business during those hours.Pharmacy, electronics, ammo, etc.

        • Personally, I love shopping at 24-hour grocery stores. If I go late at night I have the place to myself, no lines, no inconsiderate morons parking their carts in the middle of the bloody aisle, etc, etc. The worst time, of course, is the first of the month when the EBT-creatures are trundling their carts full of Lunchables, orange soda, and mac-n-cheese through the aisles with their brood in tow.

          • We have 24hr Wegmans here. Being able to shop at 10:30pm after I get off work is awesome, no crowds, no lines….Ok, no deli, but I can live with that.

  3. Trying to think big picture… time to buy a half or whole hog from a farmer/butcher and make your own Italian sausage! You have your own grinder right? Or better still your other half is from somewhere where the weather is warm right now and you could go hog hunting… Mmmmm….. piggies……

    Just a thought. 🙂

  4. I tried CZ’s case buy at a couple local stores on sale items and any additional discount and they looked at me like I just stepped off Serenity wearing assless chaps, neckless of ears and head dress from a Mad Max film. One manager said to quote, “the price is what the price say’s it is, it’s low enough” when pressed he pulled the whole, “who needs that much anyway? Are you feeding a army?”. My reply was, “I was going donate a couple cases to a pair of food pantries.” he just snottily replied, “oh you’re one of THEM..” and walked away.

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