How’s that sale going?

Linky – ETA: Down to the last five four boxes of ten mags. My vendor assures me there will be no more.
Not bad. One case left. Everyone seems happy, so that’s good. There’s something very satisfying about cutting open a big cardboard box and finding a huge pile of magazines.

20170316_144140I pull ’em out of the packaging and send them in ‘bulk’, because there’s no way you can fit ten of those into a Medium Priority Flat Rate Box with all that clamshell packaging.

And, in case you’re curious, a 40mm can, packed properly, will hold seven layers of twelve mags, with room for another six mags arranged on top, giving you 90 magazines to set aside for a rainy day. Put another way, it would take 2,250 rounds of ammo to load ’em all.


Get ’em while the gettin’s good.


4 thoughts on “How’s that sale going?

  1. Overheard at gun show in the South this weekend: “It’s hard to sell an AR these days” and “These were my ‘Hillary Wins’ mags”…Ammo seems to be getting cheaper with each passing week…just don’t get too comfortable and procrastinate because the winds of change always continue to blow…

  2. Same here, I was at a gun show back in December in Dallas and heard the same from dealers. The ones I talked to were trying to recoup their investment. The funny thing is they were ready to charge you two to three times as much if Hillary won. Oh, Well!!!!!

  3. I always laughed at the nimrods sporting 25-30 round rimfire mags. Now, not so much. Nothing like a old dog learning from experience. My sister has developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. She cannot handle the S&W Model 10 heavy barrel any more. She can handle a Ruger 1022 just fine. No recoil. I taught her how to use it and picked up Steel Lips mags. She was not impressed with the .22, but I told her would anyone hang around if some old granny popped them with 15 or 20 rounds of CCI Minimags? So yes these have a real value. Perhaps later in life, but just like my cheater glasses from 1.25 to 1.50 power- they will come in handy someday.

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