Real Estate – Expensive, but pretty sweet…

The description is nice, but the video at the link is pretty awesome. Nice looking place. I don’thave enough internal organs to sell on the black market to afford such a place, but if I did…

At 120 Acres, this property is truly one of a kind. A sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle and a little slice of heaven. Rock Springs is turn-key, off-the-grid living. All the comforts of home, including Satellite TV, Internet, abundant wild game, and the best views and stargazing you will likely ever see. When you are up this high, the sky seems to wrap around you and the milky way is clearly visible with absolutely zero light pollution. There is ample room to land a small aircraft or a helicopter for those who would prefer not to drive up to the house. The elevation at the house is 6600 feet. The annual property taxes are about $2500. The nearest town is Hyattville, Wyoming, but the property is a fifteen mile drive up a logging road to get there. The road is not maintained by the state, so it can be challenging during or after a snowstorm. There is deeded access to the land, a permanent access to the property owner through Wyoming state land that cannot be revoked so long as you pay the annual fee of $150. The well is almost artesian, down 400 feet, with 1 part per million of dissolved solids, and a flow rate of just over 12 gallons per minute, and it tastes delicious with no odors or contaminants. There are no restrictions on the water from this well.

9 thoughts on “Real Estate – Expensive, but pretty sweet…

  1. It is so tempting to arrange a consortium of some sort to buy that place. Someone will snap it up, though. The video is just so sweet – I love the wife in the kitchen. Totally me.

  2. This place us at least priced twice what it should be. I’ve lived offgrid for 4 years and a 2500 watt system is very small. At my first offgrid place 4000 was barely bI’d enough in the summer ( used 2k gallons of propane to run the backup genny the 1st winter). The best feature is the canyons,the house isn’t much to look at and the hype about the kitchen with plywood cabinets for 780k better have top if the line appliances and granite. Someone with too much money will buy it then after fighting with too little power, too long of winter, and too remote sell a few years down the road.

    • I suspect youre not really paying the big money for the house, youre paying the big money for the location – an island of private property in an ocean of state/federal land where you won’t have neighbors.

      • There’s a good bit of heavy equipment included as well, listed at the end of the video. Prob $100K worth based on my recent searches for similar stuff. Though different areas of the US might have big differences in the going rate for stuff.

  3. Sooner or later, Hillary Clinton is going to need a liver transplant. When she does (and if you’re a ‘match’) there will be serious money on the table. Just sayin’.

    • Tim @ 1106:
      Perhaps you meant to type “kidney”. You have just one liver and you ain’t gonna live long without it. Maybe if the docs can transplant a lobe or somethin’ you could do it. She isn’t getting any organ of mine no matter how many spares I might have…

      • For that place….or maybe a couple of other ranches in the neighborhood (Say…Montana)…. I’d certainly consider it….. Billary ain’t long for this world anyway.

  4. This is so funny, I just went by there a week ago. I have friends that got married at Meadowlark lake not too far from there. Nice country.

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