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I got a postcard in the mail the other day (who sends real mail these days??) from telling me that they’ve expanded their product line to include boxes for more calibers of ammo.

What is Well, they sell a few useful cardboard products that have appeal to those of us who keep ammo onhand. What I’ve been getting from them are cardboard boxes to store ammo in.

Every so often I find deals on ‘bulk’ ammo. Bulk ammo is just that – bulk. You buy a thousand rounds of ammo you dont get a nice cardboard box with fifty little boxes of 20 rounds each. Nope, you get a big ol’ polybag or box filled with loose cartridges. 8290915400329fc2a66d65b6f89dfeaf (1aa)Great savings, but not exactly easy to store. When the zombies are massing at the barricades the last thing you want to be doing is counting ammo into little ziploc baggies and handing them to your buddies. Repackbox gives you small cardboard boxes, appropriately sized to a particular cartridge, so you can have your ammo organized, neat, and ready for the apocalypse. Case in point: a guy came into the shop and sold me a .50 can full of loose 7.62×39 ammo. I’m not just sticking a can of a thousand loose rounds on the shelf…grabbed a stack of 7.62×39 boxes and a little while later everything was neat, organized, and ready for the apocalypse.

The advantage? Plastic ammo boxes are great, but they aren’t cheap. The cardboard boxes are cheap enough that you can hand out ammo to your buddies at the range or at the rally point and not feel like you’re throwing away money. Also, inexpensive storage boxes are hard to find for some calibers. Repackbox just came out with boxes in a buncha new calibers inc. .30-06, .303 brit., 7.62x54R (better than those string-n-paper bundles you get outta the spam can), and, of interest to me, .30-30.

Although I don’t talk about it much, I like the .30-30. My like for it stems from the fact that after the ubiquitous .22 rifle, the .30-30 carbine is probably the most common rifle in many parts of the country (although the SKS may have supplanted that for a while…but since the days of the cheap Chinese SKS are long behind us….) I rather like the .30-30 in an unltralight single shot Contender carbine, but there are still several million Winchester and Marlin rifles out there. (And Savages and other brands as well.) So…I stock a decent amount of .30-30 and now have a convenient way to package it for distribution and storage.

I’m also a huge fan of he old ‘military style; 50-round ammo boxes. Repackbox makes these for .45 ACP as well as other calibers. Extremely handy.

Since I have a Dillon 1050RL sitting on the bench, I can whip out a lot of ammo in a couple hours. There is very little more satisfying than watching the boxes of ammo stack up like bricks as I package the ammo for storage.

Check ’em out.


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  1. I’m fond of my .30-30, too. It’s the first rifle I bought. Tho as my hands deteriorate (damn chronic illness), I know it will end up being adopted by my son.

  2. I too, love me some 30-30. And these days you can get *eye-watering* deals on beautiful, used, JM-stamped 336s and old Winchesters.

    • I dunno, man. Ever since Remington took over, people have been paying big money for the JM marked Marlins. I’ve seen the new RemMarlins and have been quite underwhelmed.

  3. From James Wesley, Rawles just added on
    Breaking News: The BATFE has reversed part of its notorious Open Letter on mis-use of arm braces on pistols, now making it clear that “incidental, sporadic, or situational ‘use’” of an arm brace wherein it contacts the shooter’s shoulder does NOT constitute a redesign and hence it would not make the owner subject to prosecution. Thankfully, common sense has prevailed. Hopefully President Trump will announce far more gun law reforms at the upcoming NRA meeting in Atlanta! – JWR

  4. I used to think that bulk packed ammo was a safe thing. One day at the local gun store/range, a clerk tossed a baggie of ammo (9mm ball, I think) onto the countertop (may have been the glass top area, not sure), and a round detonated. Clerk ended up with some brass fragments in his hand/arm. The counter area had a number of customers standing next to it, and it sits tall, since it is a display case. Faces would have been fairly close. No one else got hit. I’m guessing the round was near the center of the pile, and that absorbed most of it except for the more vertically traveling stuff. It made a hell of a bang. Most of the ND’s there happen over at the check in/out area (lots of holes), and it took me a few seconds to realize that there was no gun involved. Murphy strikes again!

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