12 thoughts on “They’re back…….

  1. One of these days, I hope you get a great group buy deal going on quality USGI mags.

    • How good, precisely? What number would make you go “Holy crap, I’ll take ten!”

      • Ten bucks? For an Okay or Brownells quality USGI mag, with anti-tilt followers, I’d quickly throw down a hundo for a box of ten.

        • Mmmph…problem is, once you factor in shipping youre into the 11.00-11.75 range.

          • That’s still a pretty solid deal. $110 to $117 for ten high quality USGI mags. I’d still bite at that. Much north of $120 and I start to get less interested.

        • Brownells has in stock packs of ten AR-15 Tacitcal Magazines 223/5.56 30rd Aluminum with the Magpul Self-Leveling Followers for $100 with free shiping on orders over $50.
          I’ve not price them yet but some times it’s best to buy the Mags and Followers as two orders.

    • 44mag.com is a good outfit. I’ve bought from them with zero problems.

      For AR magazines, the current best deal is D&H magazines from Palmetto State Armory, $8/each, free shipping on 10 or more.

  2. So, rather than GI mags for AR, what’s the current deal on the 10/22 mags?

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