15 thoughts on “P95DC

  1. People sometimes, for various reasons, will knock the Ruger center fire autos but the fact remains that the gun you have in your hand when you need it is way better than the super high end custom pocket blaster that you left at home.

    We may all love custom 1911’s, but that Ruger and a few hundred rounds of ammo and you could have been a god during Hurricane Katrina.

    When the masses are all unarmed, the man with a High Point 9mm pistol is king!

  2. For $215 I would pickup a dozen. Perfectly good pistols For bartering after SHTF. Doubt anyone would be picky at that point.

  3. Love the Ruger P series. It will put lead on target just as well as anything else one could name. Made in USA, good price, good gun.

  4. I’d take in a heartbeat. Some folks like to knock the Ruger P Series. They’re clunky and heavy, but in my experience they work very well. They do make great truck guns and Mec Gar makes quality magazines for them.

    • The 89/85 series are tanks, but tremendously bulky. I’ve found the P95 to be just as rugged, and much easier to carry around.

  5. I would and did so to speak . Four years ago a friend at church wanted to get rid of a Ruger P85, his daughter hardly fired. He wanted $240.00. I could not walk away. It is a great firearm and I like it. Great deal for you!

  6. Sweet bombproof pistol. I just don’t understand the ‘klunky’ moniker. Fits my hand like a glove.

  7. Picked up a P89 yesterday, hardly shot and in good condition. Was dirty as a Tijuana streetwalker though, one would think someone at the gun shop would spend 15 minutes on a gun they want to sell. Some Ed’s red cleaned it right up.

    Bit of trivia: What does the ‘P’ stand for? Prescott plant, it was the first gun they made in Arizona when they moved some operations away from Connecticut.

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