Article – 23-year-old hiker found in Montana after surviving nearly 1 week without food

A 23-year-old woman from Illinois has been found safe nearly one week after she went missing on a hike in Montana.

Madeline Connelly left for a hike in the Great Bear Wilderness on May 4, planning to spend a night camping with her dog, Mogi, ABC affiliate KTMF in Missoula, Montana reported. Local officials launched a search and rescue effort after she didn’t return.

Connelly was located around 11 a.m. on Wednesday by search and rescue crews about five miles from her car, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release. She was “uninjured” but “tired and hungry” when she was found, police sad.

In an interview with KTMF broadcast on Facebook Live Wednesday, Connelly said she couldn’t believe that she and Mogi were able to get out of the wilderness, where she spent seven days in “treacherous weather.”

The last several days have been far from treacherous weather, but….

Connelly didn’t have a tent or any supplies, she said, and slept under trees for protection from the elements. She was only wearing overalls, a T-shirt and a sweater with a hood.

Where to start??

Dude(tte), it’s Montana…if you’re going to go hiking, take a damn bag of gear.

Technically not a stranding, but thats the tag Im gonna go with.

9 thoughts on “Article – 23-year-old hiker found in Montana after surviving nearly 1 week without food

  1. She’s from illinois – nuff said. Not enough sense in her to fill the bag she should have had with her.

  2. Mansplaining to independent womyns is SEKSIS!!!!!!! Femstar doesn’t need your male-PENIS-gear!!!!! Acknowledge your privilege & kneel before Godess Hoo-Haa!

  3. 23yr old female wearing overalls on a camping trip probably means she had a pretty good fat reserve to draw on. Nonetheless, Good on her for surviving.

  4. Downward social comparisons are great for one’s self-esteem.

    I also feel better about all the crap I take along for overnight camping trips.

  5. I’m glad she feels stupid – she WAS stupid! Planning to stay overnight without any supplies? Even when I didn’t have a tent, I did have a sleeping bag, tarp, food & water, a compass, & extra clothes. Spring weather can be unpredictable. I’m too old to camp now (besides, I live in the middle of nowhere so I can enjoy camping without leaving home), but I’m not one of those old ladies who drive off without a plan or supplies.

  6. And Darwin is thwarted again by SAR.

    Good for her, but a pity for the species’ gene pool.

    Hopelessly lost less than a couple hours’ walk from the car, without a lick of gear. Some people should never leave the safety of pavement at the mall.
    And in a fair world, she’ll not only be medically treated, but placed on a psychiatric hold for 72-hour evaluation as gravely disabled, and a danger to herself, for ever leaving the asphalt.

    And pretty please, billed for the entire cost of the rescue.

  7. Check her Facebook page.

    She’s a moronic entitled Millennial. A barista even. Without the sense to pour piss out of her boots if the instructions were printed on the soles.

    This person is a complete and utter idiot. She survived in spite of her own arrogant useless stupidity, and learned nothing from it. Expect to see her in the news again, when she does something just as stupid and reckless. Hopefully, next time it will be terminal

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