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Someone brought this to my attention in email. Apparently yet another movie with the name “The Survivalist”. It seemes to harken more to a Cormac McCarthy sort of apocalypse rather than a jerry Ahern type. I am always amused by UK end-of-the-world films…mostly because their version of the apocalypse has the double-barreled shotgun as the pinnacle of firepower. American end-of-the-world dramas usually carry a tad more firepower.

These sorts of movies come and go pretty quickly…fortunately, Wikipedia, as it turns out, has a category “List of apocalyptic films“. hows that for convenience? As I was reading the synopsis for many of them I noticed a couple interesting trends – in a large percentage of these sorts of thing, the savvy survivalist type invariably gets killed and the unprepared noob winds up living happily ever after, the women often are rescued at the expense of the men’s lives, and no one *ever* gives credit to the survivalist dude for planning ahead. instead, the survivalist is always portrayed as ‘out there’ or ‘crazy’.

But, if you’re bored some evening this week, and Netflix or Amazon Prime isn’t down because of a ransomware attack, you’ve now got some viewing to look forward to.

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  1. I think I saw a reference to that movie on Harry’s blog and was lucky enough to find a DVD of it (pirated) at a local flea market. It was not a bad tale. Definitely different from the usual U.S. movie, it was far darker.

  2. But…but…but Burt Gummer! He lived! He had the explosives to kill ’em and even the government called on him to kill beasties but I guess Tremors isn’t considered a “survivalist movie”.

    If someone hasn’t made a “WWBGD?” shirt with him on the back, they should.

  3. Most “survivalist” movies are all about reassuring the unprepared unthinking sheep that no matter what happens, they don’t need to make any changes in their lazy consumerist way of living, and it will all turn out OK. It’s the cinematic version of a nightlight and a woobie for a small child after telling them a scary bedtime story.

    There’s more genuine survival information and (thinking) entertainment in history-based movies about times when things have gone very wrong. “Defiance,” about the Bielski partisan band, is worth a hundred of the “end of the world” movies.

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