Subsonic stuff

Still a few bundles left.
Well, in typical Montana fashion it dropped 2″ of snow the other day, and then today it was dang near 75 degrees. No point even trying to make sense of it…it’s Montana. Just roll with it.

Off to the range.

20170519_165345So I’ve been keeping track of what the supressed .22 likes and doesnt like. So far the best thing I’ve found has been Remington Subsonics. I’ve tried CCI Quiet, CB Longs, and American Eagle Suppresor…and they are positively anemic. In fact, the CCI Quiet didnt even make it to the backstop. I genuinely believe a steel ball bearing out of a slignshot would¬† have had a better trajectory.¬† When the thing finally does make it to the backstop, I measure for five-shot group.

20170519_172357Interestingly, just regular CCI ‘Standard’ velocity stuff does pretty well. But, so far, the nod goes to the Rem SS. I need to grab a few boxes of Eley and other premium .22 ammo and see how it performs. But, thus far, it looks like at some point I’m going to want to lay in a few cases of the Rem.

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  1. I’ve had excellent luck with the RWS subsonic out of my PWS 10/22. The Gemtech stuff is also very good. Both are highly accurate, and very quiet. Too pricey for mindless plunking, but if quiet and accuracy are your primary concern, I highly recommend them.

  2. Try WInchester. I like it and the Remington in mine. CCI’s seem to work well even though it is a heavier bullet (45 vs 40 or 37 for Remington). I also have a 10/22 set up for the 60 gr Aguila’s.

    • Which flavor of Winchester? The Aguila is interesting stuff but I hate the idea of having to get a special barrel that will be useless with just about any other ammo.

          • Yep, I’ve got a 1/9 twist barrel for just those. But I do have a stock of 60’s and they are now coming out.

            If you get some, try it anyway. At 15 feet out of a suppressed pistol, you can here they bullet smack the paper – awesome!

      • I have some black box subsonics with 42 gr bullets and the silver box 40 grainers. The 42’s come from Australia as I understand it, although I have seen neither of late.

  3. I think the CCI quit doesn’t use any powder, just the energy from the primer. So, it more for use in .22 without suppressors.

  4. well shit CZ, I think i was in the next 50m bay over to the east. it was a great day, pretty quiet. btw at my home 30 miles east…it was 10″ of May snow.

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