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My vendor dropped a bunch(!) of Gen2 Black Magpul AR Pmags on me the other day. I’m dumping most of them into the “Next Election This Becomes My Retirement Fund” stash. However, I still have couple hundred left over. If anyone wants, they’re $10 ea. Minimum order is 10. Shipping is $12.40 Priority Mail flat rate for as many as you want over ten.

Want 10? 10x$10 + $12.40. Want 15? $10×15 + $12.40? Want 37? 37x$10 + $12.40

You get the idea. Obviously the more you get, the less the per unit cost becomes as you spread the shipping over the quantity of mags.

Anyway, email me and lemme know. It”ll work just like the 10/22 mag deal.


7 thoughts on “Pmags $10

  1. I’ve just look at Brownells and they have:
    one for $12.30 + P&P
    ten for $104.99 + P&P (you have to buy in 10s)
    100 for $1198.50 + P&P (you have to buy in 100s)
    Now if you think about it if you buy 10 they are $10.50 each but if you buy 100 they are $11.99. If you buy 100 you pay $1198.50 + P&P but if you buy ten packs of ten you pay $1049.90 + P&P saving you $148.60. Brownells P&P is fixed per order fix rate so it would be the same for 1, 10, or 100.
    Some one messed up at Brownells, and I bet not many buying 100 look at the price for 10.

    • It’s currently the same thing with their USGI magazines. The cost of one is less than 1/10th the cost of ten. Brownells also has free shipping for orders over $50. There’s 6% sales tax for those of us in Iowa, but that’s a small price to pay to live in a state with great gun laws, and the nicest weather on earth for between three and five days each year.

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