DMR range time

Pmags….still got some.

A mixed bag.

Headed to the range to sight in the rifle I put together. (I won’t say ‘built’ because all I did was match up an already-assembled upper with an I-put-it-together-lower… that ain’t ‘building’.)

The IOR brand of scopes are fine scopes, and I like them alot. BUT…they can be pretty involved when it comes to zeroing. Since the M2 has a a BDC I needed to zero it at 100 yards and then reset the turrets.

20170607_164100See the top of the turrets and how it has three screws? You loosen the two outer screws (Never the middle screw. Thats trouble.) Notice the two rows of knurling around the turret? Hold the bottom row stationary and turn the top row to adjust point of impact. When thats done, tighten the two screws.

I really need a spotting scope because there was a lot of fire-a-round, walk-100-yards, check-target, walk-back-100-yards, repeat. Got it pretty much where I want it at 100 yards, now I need to fine tune it by making up some quality reloads and not the slapdash stuff I put together last night using assorted brass.

Oh, and this thing really needs a different trigger in a major way. I can sort live with the stock for now, but that trigger was horrible. If anyone wants to recommend a trigger that is better than your average rack AR but no so touchy you’d be scared carry it around in the zombie apocalypse….lemme know.

Headed to the 300 yard range, dialed the BDC to ‘3’ and started busting rocks. Elevation was pretty close to spot on but I need to work on the windage a tad. Again, when I’ve got some really good quality reloads made up, thats when I’ll start working on it again.

No failures of any kind. I need to seat the 62 gr. bullets a tad deeper in the case. Used the RCBS AR dies with the taper crimp. I really need to sit down with the case trimmer and uniform up some brass.

All in all, promising, but still just a .223.

13 thoughts on “DMR range time

      • Sorry you are right.
        As anyone ever said that before?
        I did not think (I never do) any one would mind.

  1. ALG Defense QMS

    Got to be the best bargain in the business. I have three (or is it four) of them the worst of them is pretty good, the best is nearly the equal of my Geissele SSA.

    • I swapped my $80 RRA 2 stage for a $99 Larue MBT and the difference was night and day. Larue is definitely worth the little extra money.

  2. Any after market two-stage trigger will be better than a factor single stage. Something else to consider is to lock the lower receiver pins to keep them from spinning as the weapon discharges. Knights Armament makes a nice set, as others do. If you allow those pins to spin, they will wear the pin holes. Yes, it is minimal wear over a long time, but the pins will become loose eventually. If you put a two-stage in and lock the pins, you will find the trigger pull to be smooth as glass.

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