Deer Lodge Gun Show

Still a buncha 10/22 Steel Lip magazines, and $10 Magpuls availalable. Retail is for suckers.
The Deer Lodge gun show was today. Drove out there with a buddy and looked around. Surprisingly, I ran into someone I recognized who was, I think, more surprised to see me than I was to see them. Either a ruptured appendix isn’t as debilitating as everyone thinks or..well…

Saw a few interesting things at the show. Most notably a Valmet in 7.62×39, a couple PTR’s, and a bunch of 870’s in various condition hovering in the $200-225 range.

There were a buncha AR’s floating around but, short of another Obama/Hillary panic, I think AR’s have gotten to be taken for granted…there are so many out there now that we’re only surprised if we don’t see a dozen of them on a dealers table. But…us old timers…we can remember some days when you could not get your hands on an AR for love nor money. Happened before, will happen again. I truly do think this window we are in will be the Golden Age of buying an AR…. a time when you could have one for less than the cost of a new Glock…but that window will, I think, start closing as supply starts to dwindle and demand slowly inches up.

Good trip, nice time, mediocre show, but always nice to go and always nice to run into folks you meow.


5 thoughts on “Deer Lodge Gun Show

  1. I crowd funded Super Troopers 2 and got some nice SWAG From it. Every so often I wear my Johnny Chimpo shirt and sometimes folks know who it is, yay!

    Still waiting for them to finish it up and get my liter of DVD copy… with no spit in it.

  2. I’ve been thinking hard about another rifle. That new C39v2 is calling my name. Then again another nice AR would always be handy. Decisions, decisions.

    • Yeah, I’ve researched that thing alot lately and despite my utter disdain for Century, it seems that they mayhave gotten their act together on this one gun. I’ve read nothing but good things about them and even the AK Operators Union gave it a thumbs up. Theyre still pretty spendy if youre used to $400 WASR’s, but they’re less than half the price of an Arsenal.

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