Dillon RL1050, ‘Front Sight’ snake oil pitchmen

Well, years ago I had a Dillon RL1050 and when I got rid of it I made it a point to save the expensive .223 conversion (with carbide sizer die) because I figured someday I’d have another one. Well, I have another one. And, after rooting around in the basement for ten minutes, I found the conversion kit. According to this reload calculator I’m looking at around twelve cents per cartridge assuming i’m saving my brass…so thats aroudn $125/1000 which isnt too bad considering what commercial stuff is going for…a quick look over at ammoman shows most .223 going for around $220~ a case or better.

By the way, with a .223 carbide sizer die you still have to lube your cases. So whats the advantage? Its a carbide die, son…no scratches, nicks or gouges even if your brass isnt 100% clean.

So, Tuesday I’ll call up to the place the girlfriend got her 9mm stuff and see if I can snag a good deal on an 8# keg of BLC2 or similar powder. One of my vendors is closing out Hirtenberger 55 gr. FMJ bullets for $40/1000 (postpaid) so I’ll need a buncha them too. I havent shot the AR very much in the last year or so because it was always cheaper to shoot the AK’s but thats just not the case anymore.
Hey, speaking of shooting, I got a phone message on my answering machine from Dr. Obnoxio Piazza of Front Sight fame. His cold-calling telemarket machine wanted to tell me about the exciting envelope full of new stuff that he sent to me. Actually, he sent it to the girlfriend. It was a pitch for not a gun class but some sort of Tony-Robinesque self-improvement/empowerment class that was ‘only’ $17,000 (but if you pay up front its reduced to $12,000). I was wondering what was next from this guy..timeshares? And then I recalled that he’s already got ahis foot in that door with his development community that he’s currently being sued over.

Jeff Cooper may be fairly irrelevant and overhyped in terms of the value of his observations, but at least he isn’t using the Gunsite mailing list to hustle EST seminars or condos.

Front Sight should show some concern about what happens to their reputation when their higher-ups start coming onto people like used car salesmen at a Powerball winners convention.

EDIT: according to Wiki, the doctor part of his title is from his chiropractic past. And he’s also apparently a Scientologist. I’ll bet you he was born in a California beach house and his real name is ‘Moonbeam Starchilde’ or something similar. The guys credibility as anything other than a flimflam man is seriously dwindling, in my opinion.

8 thoughts on “Dillon RL1050, ‘Front Sight’ snake oil pitchmen

  1. Good Lord! Are you serious? A $17,000 dollar empowerment class? For that, I’d expect to get some really cool superpowers (look out, Wolverine)!

  2. Like they strike you with lightning and you gain the ability to lie on the ground and shit yourself. Will you use it for good or for evil?

  3. I’ve always bought my powder from surplus powder dealers like Jeff Bartlett:


    I’ve had really good luck reloading both .308 and .223 with WC846, which is essentially equivalent to BLC-2 and is only $80/8#. Jeff will also waive HAZMAT fees if you buy a big enough bulk order. He also has WC844 which is a bit more appropriate for .223, but not so much for .308.

    This guy generally gets me really good deals on new bulk projectiles:


  4. Re: Hirtenberger source?

    … I’m not in the dealer business so it looks like that’s out – or did I find the wrong BHSS?


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