As you may have read, Montana had one of the bigger earthquakes its had in a while last night.

Where was I? Funny you should ask. I’m actually back in the hospital with an abdominal infection from having my appendix kaBoom two weeks ago.

Yes, thats right. The biggest earthquake to hit Montana in a long time and I was flat on my back in a hospital bed watching and hearing all the equipment swaying and wondering if anyone else appreciated the irony. You spend a lifetime preparing for a disaster and when it happens….you’re too sick to even sit up in bed and look out the window to see if the power is still on.

My room was on the fifth floor, and that made the effects of the earthquake seem more pronounced. So…there I am…self-described survivalist with a home full of everything I’d need to get me through a crisis like this and………..I’m trapped in a hospital bed. I very much had visions of Rick Grimes from the first episode of The Walking Dead.

I’ll be getting out tomorrow, ideally. I have a catheter in my arm and have to self-administer some IV antibiotics for the next week. Annoying.

15 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. Hope your OK. You do know that he Walking Dead was not a training film, just don’t buy a six inch Python and a four inch holster.

    Or a six inch GP100 and a four inch holster come to that.

  2. At least your wife was going to be taken care of while you died in the rubble.

  3. At least this happened while good ( or at least adequate ) hospital care is available to you. Having an appendix burst in a SHTF situation is probably less than desirable, to say the least ( or survivable ). God bless and heal you. ( yeah I know you are an agnostic, but… )

  4. Its funny the things that come out of nowhere to create ‘excitement’. Living along the Gulf Coast (Texas), the BP oil spill came out of the blue and for a few months, appeared the Gulf would become a dead pool of water. Glad that wasn’t the case. Fukishima was supposed to irradiate the U.S. West Coast, its happening but slowly.

    That caldera sounds pretty meddlesome, hope you aren’t in projected path of ash cloud if it comes to that.

    Hope you kick grass on that appendix aftermath crap soon – have a better weekend.

  5. Get well soon. FWIS, start pounding raw garlic ASAP, natural anti-biotic to supplement the synthetics. The bugs won’t see it coming.

  6. I can relate LOL! Prepped for Y2K and spent the new year with my right arm in a cast after a slip on the porch yielded a dislocated wrist, fractured radial and ulna. That’s when I realized weak hand training is most definitely needed prior to any interruption.

  7. “That caldera sounds pretty meddlesome, hope you aren’t in projected path of ash cloud if it comes to that.”

    If referring to Yellowstone, that’s pretty much the whole US that gets blanketed. Alaska would be ok, though.

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