Preparing against the last disaster

Annoyingly, I have a tube and plastic bag hanging out of me to allow my ..whatever it is…wound, injury….to drain. It’s a very inconvenient thing.


Check it out…I make my own gravy!

It collects whatever it is that’s sloshing around in my abdomen. To me, it looks like I’m thawing a steak. I’m hopeful it’s outta me by the end of the week.
So, last week’s earthquake has me thinking. I succumbed to normalcy bias and dismissed the idea of earthquakes being any real threat around here. I distinctly recall rolling my eyes when I had my hot water heater replaced a few years ago and all this stupid mandated earthquake-proofing stuff had to be done. Now I’m think about having the other water heater earthquake-proofed.

Also, a lot of my day-to-day stored food needs to be secured better on the shelves. Especially the glass jars of stuff.

And I suppose I need to do some research on other specific-to-earthquake issues that I should probably address. There’s a saying in the military that you’re always planning to fight the last war, I suppose it could be accurate to say that in preparedness we are oftentimes preparing against the last disaster.
And we are also often preparing against the last gun ban. I’ve 30 of the 10/22 mags left, and 35 of the Pmags left. Email me if you’re wanting to get on board.

7 thoughts on “Preparing against the last disaster

  1. Commander, glad your condition is improving. You might want to look at JarBoxes. A bit pricey but you won’t have to worry about earthquake induced damaged to your glass jars. I have all my storage jars in these. Check Walmart for them in the canning jar section. Best price I found.

  2. Earthquakes are indeed a ‘real thing’, but frankly there’s only so much you can do to mitigate meteors/supernovas/tsunamis/etc. If that caldera ‘blows’ the way they say it could, it’s not going to matter how secure your pantry shelves are. Everyone west of the Badlands is going to be buried in 50 ga-billion tons of pyroplastic ash.

    I remain far more concerned about Fed-caused collapse and/or global cyber war. On a more immediate note, here’s hoping that hospital is in your rearview mirror this time next week.

  3. Earthquakes?
    Welcome to my world.

    Sturdy boots by/under the bed. With a headlamp and work gloves inside along with the socks.

    For anything stronger than a 5.0, imagine driving a Ford F650 into the outer walls of the room, and strap anything down you don’t want to move/fall over/crash.

    Nothing close to or over the bed that could fall on you and kill/crush/injure you.

    In short, nothing on the walls higher than chest height that’s heavier than a picture frame, and anything heavy strapped or wired to the studs. Museum quake wax/putty works for bric-a-brac items on shelves.

    You probably already have chemlights taped or velcro’ed over each door frame, or else adjacent to each light switch, and on both sides of the bed. If not, that solves your emergency lighting problem without discovering/setting off a new gas leak.

    I’m sure you’ve got a wrench or whatnot to turn off your gas/propane.
    If you’re hardcore, you could get a gas detector that picks up LELs, and use it to sniff for propane/methane gas leaks inside and back to the tank, to determine if you need to turn the gas off or not. If you’re on city gas lines, use it to check all the way to the street along the pipeline route, after you check inside the house near major appliances.

    And assume the Big One will hit at 4:30 in the AM, when you’re sitting butt naked and shoeless on the porcelain thinking chair, when it’s -10F outside, and you’ll do fine.

    And your gravy bag looks pretty good; minimal discharge, and nothing purulent.
    When I had one after abdominal surgery, I think it was in about a week.

  4. get well soon brother…yep, prep for the last one but usually that is the one most likely to recur. with us whether its hurricane, tornado, emp, fiscal collapse, etc the end result is long term power outage. dark ages. that’s what i prep for, that way i’m ready for almost anything. if i get off my butt and do it. refreshed the stored water and tested the gens this weekend. for me, that’s a break-thru, lol.

  5. Hope you’re feeling better this morning. Stop making gravy and get back to work.

  6. I personally use the jarboxes, they’re great. And let me know when the 10/22 mags are back. To echo the sentiment above, get back to work.

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