So this happened…..

20170726_104914A used but not terribly abused .45 ACP GC NM Series 80. 1911’s are fun guns to play with, but the notion that they are somehow the pinnacle of combat handgun design would seem to ignore the last hundred years of gun development.

I picked it up as a range toy, and because the price was right, but I’ll happily swap it for a pair of Glock 9mms or a HiPower.

Nice El Paso Saddlery scabbard, though. But…..left handed.

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  1. Well if you’re out buying guns you must be getting better. Nice to see your back to “normal” or as normal as any of us get.

  2. Left handed is good for vehicle carry. Sell it at a profit and buy some Glocks. Glad to see you are better.

  3. I liked my Colt series 70 I carried years ago, but I wouldn’t give you even one Glock 9mm for it. I’ll give you a Hi-Point though, oh wait you said HiPower. I replaced my Colt with a Sig P220 .45acp back in the 90s.

  4. Nice Gold Cup. Fully adjustable sights are awesome, just SO MUCH EASIER to deal with when shooting different ammunition. Adjusting sights to new zero makes shooting much more fun to me. Stainless in a humid – wet environment is also a big plus for the above.

    I like those simple holsters as shown above. My Star PD has been carried many miles in a Bianchi Speed .45 holster, very similar to that one pictured above. The lined version above likely protects the gun’s finish more. Some right handed folks like left handed holsters when they are carrying slung rifles over their shoulders. That or a cross draw make life easier to deal with carrying the pair together.

  5. I have never understood the attraction for exposed trigger holsters. What, people want to get a head start on getting their finger on the trigger? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of it being an actual problem, and it can’t be with a 1911, of course.

    I suspect exposed triggers became popular back in the days of single action revolvers, for whatever reason. Hmm, maybe a fix for soft, wrinkly leather that can catch the trigger or triggerguard? Just style?

  6. A bit off subject but I hope no one will mind.
    Brownells catalog number 70 – the Big Book for 2017-2018 is now out if you give it a day or so the PDF copy should be out.

  7. Do not underestimate the utility of the 1911 service pistol there are parts a plenty for that old warhorse and in some situations it may be better than a glock.

    • I suppose the heavier weight would, indeed, come in handy if you were using it to beat someone to death.

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