“Lost” fallout shelters

Short version: guys discovers a fallout shelter buried in his yard.

I am fascinated that this thing was not full of water. I’ve seen quite a few stories like this one and invariably the shelter has filled with water over the forty-plus years of being ‘lost’.

I used to know a guy who had a shelter similar to this kind buried in his yard under his patio. He wasn’t really expecting a nuclear exchange (or maybe he was and just didnt tell me) but he did say that it was where he would keep all his valuable guns and stuff in case a forest fire came roaring through his little patch of nowhere.

I’ve no doubt there are plenty of these forgotten shelters out there. One of special interest is a  ‘demo model’ of an underground house built for the worlds fair back in the 60’s. Some folks think it’s still there and want to go digging for it.

And although techincally they arent as dramatic, every so often impromptu public fallout shelters are discovered stacked with mountains of ancient Civil Defense gear.

Like those pesky WW2 leftovers that keep getting dug up everytime someone digs a new subway tunnel in Berlin, these sorts of things will keep cropping up from time to time. I , for one, find them utterly fascinating.

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  1. i met a truck driver that was directed within a government facility into an area she was not suppose to go. what she seen was a huge underground food storage area, pallets for as far as she could see. this was in Central Valley CA.

    • There are plenty of areas like that. And many are civilian owned. There is one by Carthage, MO and one in Springfield, MO. They store food for grocery stores and other companies that require a constant cool temp. They are big enough for big rigs to drive and turn around in. The Springfield one has a train that goes into it.

      • no doubt, good ole fashion root cellaring. they work. air flow and moisture are big concerns. My thought was a staging point for oversea military bases. only strange part was the reactions of “oh shit you need to leave now” once she was in there. less people know the better, that area is one earthquake away from WROL.

    • Have delivered to FDA warehouses in several major cities,most are sized for 2 weeks supplies for the population(ultimate shopping trip after teotwawki)

  2. Did a semester abroad about 28 years ago to Moscow State University. One night some Russian buddies took us down into the bowels of the university building. Didn’t know then (aware now) that Moscow had a vast, vast network of (deep) underground facilities, railways & bunkers. What I saw was jaw-dropping.

    It was immense, vast, dimensionless. We went at least 8 stories down, but maybe a dozen floors down. At the bottom there was a maze of endless ‘rooms’/bunkers, branching in every direction, all identical. We ventured as far as our Russian guides were comfortable going; it would have been very to get lost. And there ain’t nobody else down there, so it’s possible one might never have made their way our again alone. I learned later that a good portion of Moscow had interconnected, deep bunker facilities, basically capable of accommodating an untold number of people. Certainly hundreds of thousands, at least. Millions? Who knows. I’ll never forget it. I’d love to see it again.

    • i’ve been inside a place similar within Russia. built during Stalin era.built in the middle of populated area and no one knew it was there until they opened it after Perestroika. To this day there are still rumors of tunnels that lead from the surrounding government facility to the bunker and lead to the Volga river for escape. one cool part was Stalin’s room had over 5 door exits (remember correctly think was 8 ) all looked the same, only one lead to an escape route,. the rest were long tunnels that were dead ends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYQJof4wDG0

    • I really need more coffee before reading here. The first time I read this I thought it was in Moscow Idaho!

  3. Modern archaeology is indeed fascinating; the past is truly another country.

    I’m just amazed when someone discovers one intact, they haven’t got the wit to STFU, and simply restock the thing, without a peep to anyone else.

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