Article – How To Wash Radioactive Material From Your Body After A Nuclear Blast

This is what passes for news, I guess. I imagine somewhere in Yahoo’s offices and editor was desperate for some sort of NorK-themed article to use for clickbait and this is what they came up with. Is there anyone here who really didnt know that washing off radioactive fallout is a good idea?

Even though North Korean leader Kim Jong Un outlined his plans to rain “an enveloping fire” around the U.S. territory of Guam and then opted not to fire missiles at this point of time, Guam’s office of Civil Defence has still carefully laid out a new set of guidelines on Aug. 11, that teach how to take cover before an explosion along with facts like avoiding hair conditioner after a nuclear explosion.

I very much question the utility of this article. Nonetheless, I offer a link to it for those who might see it differently than I.

8 thoughts on “Article – How To Wash Radioactive Material From Your Body After A Nuclear Blast

  1. I’d respectfully submit a nuclear strike on the U.S. is the least of our worries. In fact, a nuclear attack is probably the only thing that could (re)unite us as ‘Americans’.

    This nation is a powder keg in search of a spark. All it will take is some ‘John Brown’ event or an economic crisis, and the long-knives will come out.

    Remember Yugoslavia. Hutus & Tutsis. The English & Irish. This isn’t going to end well.

  2. I learned more from the caption under the picture above the article than I did from the article itself.

    Seriously, though. Read that caption.

    • People are crazy. I have a shampoo that has 5 vitamins for hair health (it was cheap – I didn’t buy it for the vitamins). The only way those would help would be to drink the shampoo.

      Don’t even want to go there with that picture & caption! 0_O

  3. I have been involved in some NBC related stuff. Not an expert but I know more than the Average Joe. Correct decon procedures are disturbingly similar to “Rinse off with clean water.”

  4. Our military decon kit consisted of: masking tape to define the “bad” area; one-size-fits-some gloves; a gauze pad; a bottle of water. We were ‘sposed to wet the gauze and wipe up the radioactive spill…
    I suspect the best use of the kit would be to wipe your forehead with the gauze and drink the water.

    Our NBC preps: tuck your pants cuff into your socks and duct tape the shirt sleeves at the wrists. Real effective.

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