Ruger bolt gun that takes Mini-30 mags

Ruger announced today that they will be adding a new chambering to their Ruger American Ranch line up – 7.62×39! The new Ruger American Rifle Ranch 7.62×39 will feature the same 16.12″ medium contour, threaded, hammer forged barrel found other American Rifle Ranch offerings. It feeds from Mini-30 magazines and weighs in at under 6 pounds.

This interests me on several levels. Even though the days of $100 cases of 7.62×39 are long gone, there’s still plenty of 7.62 AK ammo to be had. Ruger used to offer the 77 in this caliber and I really would like one, but a bolt fun that takes a (somewhat) readily available magazine? Yes please.

Purpose? Well, you can hunt with an AK or SKS, of course…I’ve seen it done. But a nice bolt action with a decent scope would probably serve better, and if you’re already stocking the AK round why not streamline logistics?

I’ll be getting one (or three) of these as soon as my vendors have them.

10 thoughts on “Ruger bolt gun that takes Mini-30 mags

  1. That is awesome news. And about time too. I’ve had a CZ Carbine in this same round for close to 20 years and it makes an outstanding carry south Texas brush rifle. About Winchester 94 length, weight and ballistics – not too shabby. Installed an older Weaver El Paso 3x post / crosshair reticled scope and called it good.

    Fixed 4 round magazine though – and this is where the Ruger’s offering takes off from there. I wish this new version of the Scout good luck but I don’t think it will need it – they will sell a few.

  2. Curious how the out the door price compares to the bolt Cz rifle. The Cz model has iron sites, but only 5 round mags.

    • The Ruger Americans seem to be okay guns but clearly their design is meant to optimize economical manufacture. The CZ, IMHO, is probably a more solid gun, but the magazine availability could be the real tipping point.

  3. So how long before it’s made in 5.56 with mini 14 magazines? Bill must be turning in his grave. How about a big brother in .308 which takes M1A magazines?

    • What, and give up the ridiculously priced-not-to-ever-sell-to-anyone Scout rifles, with proprietary mags, which should have been designed to take USGI profile M-1A mags from the get-go?

      Next thing, you’ll be wanting them to listen to their customers. All hell would break loose.

      And while you’re up, I’d like a pony, and world peace.

      But a boltie 7.62×39 is just fine, since it’s basically a .30-30 ballistically, without having to settle for a lever-gun, and round-nose bullets, and staying lower powered. Even as an economy job, it should still be Ruger tank-solid.

      Might be an excuse to work up some better rounds with better projectiles as handloads, too.

      Oh, before I forget, somebody call ABCNNBCBS, and tell them Ruger is marketing another eeeeeeeeeeevil sniper rifle.

      • The Ruger Scout takes AI-style mags which are available from several manufacturers, including Magpul…so the notion of them being proprietary seems a bit stretched. They’re no more than proprietary, I think, than an M14 magazine….a magazine that is particular to one firearm but is made by several different vendors.

  4. I swear. I’ve been trying to get on the gun buying wagon (as in stop buying) for a little while now. This new Ruger will make it harder still.
    I will try to salve the “New Gun Longing,” (have you ever longed?) by playing with my new (to me) Ruger Scout. I almost got one back in June while on vacation near a Gander mtn, it was marked down to about $700, I think. But I held firm and walked away. The other day my longing exceeded my willpower and I got a R. Scout from my LGS. This one has a Leupold scope mounted on it, $650 otd. Ive got a few of the Magpul mags already but I haven’t had the time to take her out yet. I hope she gets me a deer this fall.

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