Amusing notice

Kinda amusing, and, of course, quite useless. It’s certainly no legal waiver, and no group of doorkickers is going to stand there long enough to read it, but I like the attitude.

tumblr_ow2rmzkLjw1qhfxapo1_540Interestingly, Googling ‘self defense police wrong house’ turns up a few cases where the homeowner wound up shooting a cop or two and was eventually cleared of wrongdoing. However, fully expect to spend time in jail awaiting trial and spending everything you have.


Entertaining image and I thought I would share.

6 thoughts on “Amusing notice

  1. They don’t always get cleared. One in particular was where a detective (plainclothes?) crawled through a dog door, or maybe kicked in the lower panel, and got shot from the second floor stair top while halfway into the house. Resident then grabbed the family and hotfooted it out the back door where they ran into the rest of the police force. IIRC, judge threw him into jail. Mid-East Coast, I think. It sounded like a good shoot at the time.

  2. Police and Sheriff Deputies are always showing up at the front door due to their inability to read simple city street signs. The last line needs to be at the top and in a much bigger font.


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